When buying home exercise equipment you need to decide what your long term fitness goals are, your budget and how much space you have. Other considerations are your age, the health of your joints, and weight loss goals.

Top Five Home Exercise Equipment

For a cardio workout you can choose a home exercise bike, or a home treadmill, or a elliptical trainer. If you are looking for a complete body workout and build muscles, then a home gym exercise machine would be the best choice. Other choices may include rowing machines or stair steppers.

Home Exercise Bikes

For those on a budget or have tight space, then home exercise bikes may be right for you. To begin you can choose an Upright bicycle or a Recumbent exercise bike. Uprights have no backrest while recumbent cycles have a backrest and give more support to the lower back. In addition, recumbent cycles give you more of a workout and can work the muscles of the gluteus, quadriceps and hamstrings.

Some of the top picks for home exercise bikes include, upright Schwinn Airdyne or the Stamina 5325. For recumbent cycles the Schwinn 240, or the Marcy ME 709.

Price range for home exercise bikes are from a low $150 to a high $650.

Home Treadmills

Home Treadmills can be used for power walking or for running. Treadmills for walking have less bells and whistles, are not as beefy as treadmills used for running, and cost less. That said, treadmills for running have lots of extras and are bult stronger to take the daily pounding of running.

Some of the top picks for home treadmills include NordicTrack A2750 Pro, Sole F80, PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR, or the Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer (Heavy-duty treadmill for serious runners).

Price range for home treadmills are from a low $1,000 to a high $3,000 on up.

Home Gym Exercise Machines

For building muscles and a total workout at home you can choose resistance bands or weight plates for home gym exercise machines.

Some of the top picks for home gym exercise machines include Weider Total Body Works 5000, Bowflex Revolution Home Gym, Bio Force 1.7, Body Solid, or the BodyCraft X2 Family Xpress (for serious weight lifters)

Price range for home gym exercise machines are from a low $200 (resistance bands) to a high $3,000 on up.

Home Elliptical Trainers

For the longest time, the two top choices for losing weight and getting in shape has always been home exercise bikes and home treadmills. Another choice are home elliptical trainers, a combination low-impact, and upper and lower body workout

The combination low-impact, and upper and lower body workout, makes an elliptical trainer a great choice for losing weight and getting in shape.

Some of the top picks for elliptical trainers include Schwinn 420, NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 Pro, Sole E35, Precor EFX 5.25 (used at many gyms)

Price range for home elliptical trainers are from a low $300 to a high $2,000 on up.

Finally, there are many choices for Home Exercise Equipment, and this article only covered five types of home exercise equipment. To learn more and to find the best prices online visit our website.

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