Have you ever watched a television show on the Food Network and thought "Hey, I can do that," only to find two hours later that your kitchen is a mess and you're calling the nearest take-out service? We all have those moments of wanting to "do-it-yourself" as a way to feel self-sufficient and save a little extra cash, but more often than not, these do-it-yourself projects tend to turn into bigger disasters than we anticipated. In terms of the carpet Alexandria, VA has available, many residents have made the same mistakes and often find themselves paying more for the damage later than they ever would have with a professional installation. Although you are always safe hiring a professional, when conducting a do-it-yourself carpet installation project, you'll want to keep the following top five common mistakes in mind.

1. Treating Patterned Carpet the Same as Solid Carpet

If you haven't been properly trained in carpet installation, you probably don't think there should be a different installation technique for solid carpet and the patterned carpet Northern Virginia offers. However, the patterned carpet flooring Alexandria, VA has available always requires much more material than regular solid patterns. This is because each part of the pattern must be matched up when laying the carpet down. This calls for an increase in finances as well as an increase in labor. Many DIY installers don't realize that much more time is required to installed the patterned carpet Alexandria, VA offers.

2. Not Having the Proper Tools and Equipment

The irony of attempting to save money by DIY carpet installation is that the tools required to do the job properly cost a lot more than most home owners anticipate. Even if you do acquire carpet installation tools, they may not be the exact ones needed for the job. For example, using the wrong size trowel to spread the carpet adhesive can make your installation job even more difficult, especially for the patterned carpet Northern Virginia residents enjoy.

3. Dismissing Floor Layout When Cutting Carpet

Many non-professional flooring installers may not realize that the floor layout has a big impact on how the carpet should be cut. All floors have different shapes and sizes, and usually don't have perfect, clean squares and rectangles. Disregarding this important fact can lead to lumps and mismatched look to the carpet flooring Alexandria, VA has available. In this case, the problem is even bigger with solid carpets, since not all dyed carpets turn out the same color. Therefore, there is no guarantee the carpet will match.

4. Acting Too Hastily on Laying Down the Glue

If you're trying to get through the process as quickly as possible, you may apply the glue too early without properly assessing the situation. Professional carpet installers always make sure the carpet Alexandria, VA offers fits properly on the dry surface before applying the glue. Once you find the problem after the glue has been laid, it is already too late. Even just a few centimeters off can result in exposed flooring, lumps, and unsightly seams.

5. Choosing the Wrong Type of carpet Northern Virginia Offers

Flooring is not as versatile as many non-professionals may think. The right type of carpet depends heavily on the purpose of the room. Although it may seem appealing to apply and exquisite and soft type of carpet flooring Alexandria, VA offers in every room in your home, this usually isn't the best suited for most rooms. In general, soft carpeting should be used for quieter areas of the house with limited traffic, such as the bedroom. It will last longer in this room and provides comfort where it is most reasonable.

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