Gone are those days when people waited for a rickshaw and booked them by waving their hands. Nowadays it is as easy as taking your smartphone out of your pocket and just swiping through an easy to go app and have your taxi booked. Booking apps are easy as well as pocket-friendly and time-saving. Now the globalization has changed the face of traveling business. In the fast span of years, taxi services have become the major transportation medium everywhere.

In the United States, taxi booking apps are getting ahead by leaps and bounds making millions of turnover. Online cab booking service providers charge the cost of traveling based on the distance of travel, type of vehicle and many other aspects. Choosing the best taxi booking apps in the USA is difficult, which may differ from city to city. Here in this article, we are providing you with top five taxi booking apps around the world. Make your Booking hassle-free with these famous taxi booking apps.


UBER has successfully made its position in the heart of the people. Started its journey from San Francisco, California, now it is in every corner of the world. If we talk about the latest count, UBER has made its presence in 650 cities across the world. There would be hard to call other taxi apps in head-to-head competition with the UBER.

Furthermore, booking a cab is easy and hassle-free with UBER. Whether it is an office or an airport, you can book your taxi instantly. Uber provides easy payment options such as cash, or e-wallet to enhance customer riding experience. Categories that the company serves such as Uber Pool, Uber X, Uber Go, Uber Black are available for booking.

Best for: Most of the world

2. Lyft

Lyft is another best taxi booking app in the USA, serving 200 cities across the United States. San Francisco-based Lyft, founded in 2012, has completed more than one billion rides till date. Currently, the company serves only two territories as U.S and Canada. It is the only cab booking app that is giving a hard competition to UBER. Moreover, you can fix your time for availing the same taxi with the same guys. In terms of secure ride, Lyft approves the drivers having a valid driving license and background.

Best for the United States

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3. Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is one of the best taxi booking apps that is available in over 30 countries with 420 cities. The impressive UI makes customers able to book the ride in just a few touches. Moreover, Easy Taxi app has a team of trained drivers, providing the passengers with best in class ride services. Easy Taxi provides fast, safe and efficient taxi booking services.

Best for: Most of the world

4. Gett

Easy Taxi is yet another popular taxi booking app, running in more than 100 cities across Europe and US. It provides amazing riding services at affordable prices. With its amazing services, it has become a popular taxi booking app in the USA. It also serves in other cities like Moscow, Tel Aviv, and New York. Moreover, some of the amazing features of this app are advance booking of two weeks, skip surge pricing, etc.

Best for Europe and US

5. Curb

Another taxi booking app that has made its position among the 10 best taxi booking app. This mobility platform is giving tough competition to the rival rideshare companies. It works just like most ride-sharing apps.

Connecting more than 50,000 taxis, this app is available for both Android and iPhone. It provides passengers with three options while booking ride as, Rides Now, Rides Later and Pair & Pay.

Best for United States (New York City, Boston, Chicago)

Emerging Luxury Taxi App:

You have seen taxi booking apps with common features. In terms of luxury features, the California based POD Luxury Taxi is totally different from other taxi booking apps. Developed by Endive Software, POD luxury taxi app has been designed to target business professionals, highly-paid executives and entrepreneurs. Based on emerging technology, this taxi booking application comes loaded with amazing luxury features such as car's control system (Ignition on/off, open master door locks) and nearby advertisement or checkpoint to let you enjoy all the fun, safety and convenience. In addition, it features live tracking to all emergency contacts and cops control center while commuting in the car. This application is available for both Android and iPhone.

Best for: California, USA


All the above taxi app companies create taxi apps are popular in different countries and cities where they serve their services. Consumers, especially women get increasingly aware while traveling during late hours, the demand for cab service providers- especially that can provide safe services- will increase. While taxi drivers are assured of passengers, customers like you need not suffer the hassle of standing on a road for a taxi. Now the next time you need a taxi, call a cab service provider.

Author's Bio: 

Ajay Goyal is a co-founder & Director of Endive Software. As a technology enthusiast, he manages the web and mobile app development team to help them to build unique solutions. Apart from that he regularly updates with the latest and trendy technology.