In current society, we use a lot of 3C products for long hours. We are using our eyes to watch our screen very often. Moreover, there is more and more pollution around us. That makes our eye protection much more important.

For example, more and more parents let their children use cell phones or digital devices when they are very young. Young people can’t control themselves and use 3C products very often. Our work would need computers, notebooks, cell phones and etc. Therefore, we need to look at this issue seriously.

What should we do to protect our eyesight? Here are some tips:

1.Check your family's health history to see if they have similar eyesight problem or diabetes or high blood pressure. Then you would know if you are at high risk for eye diseases
2.Try to have a physical exam regularly. You need to specially focus on diabetes and high blood pressure which may cause serious eye disease like vision loss.
3.Try to have a comprehensive eye exam to monitor if any change or signs to prevent serious eye disease with your eye doctor.
4.Try to have exercise regularly to keep healthy.
5.Wear sunglasses and hats to keep your eyes away from strong UV light.
6.15 to 30 minutes of sunlight exposure per day.
7.Quit Smoking to protect you away from eye issues like cataracts.
8.Do not look at your computer screen for long hours to prevent dry eyes and eyestrain
9.Use an anti-glare screen on your computer or laptop.
10.Keep an appropriate and comfortable distance from your PC monitor.
11.Reduce blue light exposure of 3C products and adjust the brightness level of device screens to a low level.
12.Avoid glare from lights and windows.
13.Avoid the air conditioning directly blasting on your face or eyes.
14.Take your lenses out before going to bed to let your eyes take a rest.
15.Remove your makeup as clean as possible before going to bed.
16.Have eye protection during sport like swimming goggles
17.Try to blink to keep your eyes moist.
18.Let your eyes take a rest 10-15 minutes after one hour work.

What food should we eat or what nutrients to protect our eyesight?
We all know we should have a healthy and balanced diet. Exactly what food makes us healthy or how it helps us is not so clear. There are certain carotenoids, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food which do protect our vision:

Nutrients & Supplements to protect our eyesight
1.Lutein protects you against macular degeneration and improves the visual performance.
2.Zeaxanthin protects you against macular degeneration and improves the visual performance.
3.Astaxanthin prevents you away from vision loss and blindness.
4.Omega-3 fatty acids may provide relief from dry eyes.
5.Anthocyanin improves night vision and keeps your eyes from oxidative damage like a cataract.
6.The Beta-Carotene
7.Vitamin A
8.Zinc assists to maintain the health of the retina.
9.Vitamin C
10.Vitamin D improves the clearness of your vision.

Food to protect our eyesight
1.Dark green leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts collard greens, and spinach.
2.Vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, purple cabbage, black currants, eggplant, and cantaloupe.
4.Seafood like seaweed, shrimp, lobster, oyster.
5.Oily fish like wild salmon, trout.
6.Nuts and seeds like walnut, canola, flax, pistachio, and black rice.
7.Egg, cheese, milk, and yogurt.
8.Vegetable oil
9.Fruit like citrus fruit, avocado, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, bilberries, strawberry, and papaya.

There is no food for all eye health. The ultimate rule is to have a balanced food and to change every day. Be sure to have food of many colors a day. Do not stick to only one kind of food and do not be a picky eater. Then you would have multiple nutrients to protect your eyesight.

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