It is the resolution time of the year and all you want to do is enhance your personality -be it by subscribing to a gym membership, joining a personality development class, or by getting a makeover. Generally speaking, makeovers often tend to overlook one of the important personality enhancement aspects – Footwear.

Psychology says, the first thing that people notice about your personality is footwear. Footwear can make or break your personality. They are no longer just about feeling comfortable in one’s shoes, but they have become a style statement. Following this trend, it is projected that the footwear market across the globe could record a steady growth in 2019 and beyond.

While women rejoice the luxury to choose from the variety of footwear options, based on the occasions, the footwear market for men is pushing its bar and is competing with its offerings. Floaters and shoes are no longer the only options for kids. The contemporary footwear vicinity equally offers a rich collection for kids as it does for the other demographics.

So, if you looking forward to upgrade your personality this 2019, we have got you covered with the chic footwear fashion trends.

Suit yourself with a pair of trendy footwear: Men

This year brings a lot many varieties to suit your style, your way. Strong, rigid, and stunning looks is what describe the hikers. No matter how comfortable you felt walking in those hikers of yours, you cannot walk with those to your work. As said previously, the designers of 2019 will get the best out of your hikers, plus comfort comes for free.

Another trend to look for is running shoes. The boring running shoes in pale colors give no charm to runners. The designers have considered the woes of runners and have come up with sculpted shoes. So, if you are looking for a motivation to go jogging, then these shoes will compel you to get up from your bed and push yourself to an extra mile.

Your formal attire needs to speak of your personality. While formal shoes in black and brown have been the most clichéd choices over the years, the designers have put some extra efforts to brighten up your work attire with commando shoes. This year brings a lot many options for the formal shoes for men. Such shoes are rigid and can be used even for trailing or hiking even in tough weather conditions. At the same time, they can make you look your best at your workplace.

If you are looking for the type of footwear that’s ready for anything, the designers have got moccasin for you. Moccasin have been the recent discovery in the fashion market to suit any occasion - be it a party, a wedding, or even your workplace. Being waterproof in nature, these pairs can work for you no matter what season.

Women, walk your way this 2019

It’s time that you ditch your stilettos and walk into something that’s more comfortable and chic. 2019 is the year where leather meets feather and that is a perfect way to start the fall season. The designers have started adoring the shoes with feathers. You will find feathers on the strap or on the heels of your sandals. So, add a feather to your fashion quotient by going for a feathered footwear.

Another trend to look forward is embroidery. This year is going to bring the memories of vintage era. The intricate embroidery which only suited the traditional attires and heavy gowns are slowly drifting towards the sandals, slides, and boots. The best part about such footwear is that they can enhance your look for any occasion. They will rule the roost for not just the traditional section but can also add a sparkle to your casual wears.

Buckles may be from the old-school age but the way designers are adding them to the footwear is really worth watching and putting them on. This year, you will find creative buckles on the sandals, boots and even bellies. It may not be surprising if the footwear designers buckle up even the teva-styled sandals and marry your comfort with style.

Enough of sandals and bellies, let’s talk comfort. If stilettos does not capture your attention enough and your sneaky eyes are always locked on picking the sneakers, then be glad about your choice. Though the sneakers you wore last year are still in fashion, this year, you will find sneakers with bright funky colors. The sneaker section will be filled with different shades of neon-colored sneakers and will be a hot choice.

What’s your style for 2019?

People are becoming more conscious of their personality and looks and designers all over the world are helping them out in the best possible manner. Footwear have become an equally important factor as clothing and accessory to carry the best version of yourself. The above mentioned trends will help you choose your best pairs for the year. Don’t forget to get clicked!

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