This articles will review the trading results from Expert Advisor FAP Turbo, GPS Forex, Forex Megadroid, Leo Trader Pro, Forex Bulletproof, Million Dollar Pips, Forex Growth Bot and Forex Over Drive.

Before the start of review, some simple notes on the measurement I used. Return on investment is the rate of profit/loss over time that is express in percentage over your starting capital. Profit Factor is the numerical figure express by profit divide by losses. Max draw down is the lowest amount in your trading account with unrealized losses and margin hold as a percentage of your trading fund available.

FAP Turbo

This review is based on strategy results from 1999 to 2011. With 14088 trades over 12 years which equal to 97 trades monthly. The currency is EURCHF on a 15 minutes trading chart. With a starting account of $10k in 1999, by 2011 it reached 1 million dollars. With a high profit factor of 31.77, low draw down of 0.32% and a Return of Investment of 207% monthly.

GPS Forex

Base on the website posted strategy tester, over 5 years of trading, with total 995 trades which is about 17 trades monthly. It scores a profit factor of 2.84 with 5.68% of max draw down. It calculated a Return of Investment of 28% monthly.

Forex MegaDroid

It did not publish any simulated strategy tester results but did posted past 10 years trading records. With a starting capital of $10k, it show account starting with $10k profited to $34k in 2009, $62k in 2008, $61K in 2007, $33k in 2006, $81k in 2005, $67k in 2004, $65K in 2003, $44k in 2002 and $59k in 2001. This Expert Advisor achieved and overall 19.8% Return on Investment monthly.

Leo Trader Pro

The simulation results over 4 years show total trade executed 7936. The account started with $10k, ballooned to 98k in 4 years time, achieving a Profit Factor of 2.85, maximum drawdown of 5.84% and return of investment 32% monthly.

Forex BulletProof

The Expert Advisor did not publish any trading summary from the strategy tester, instead it provided 3rd party verification account summary. Over 3 months trading with 477 trades, starting with $4k account, it grow to $5.1k, effective giving a Profit Factor of 1.32, maximum draw down of 19% and a monthly Return on Investment of 11%

Million Dollar Pips

Over 1 year, the trade account from $10k starting ended with $2.4 millions over a year times. This produces low draw down of 6.58% and a Profit Factor of 2.13. The entire year gives an astonishing 925% Return on Investment monthly.

Forex Growth Bot

This expert advisor provided simulation results over 5 years which show starting account of $500 turn into $200k. With an overall Profit Factor of 1.66 and a maximum draw down of 9.05% over 2161 trades executed. This yield a wonderful 148% Return On Investment monthly.

Forex Over Drive

Only a short tested strategy result is posted with only 34 trades. The account yield 5.8% Return on Investment monthly and a maximum draw down of 21%. No profit factor given or can be calculated.


Due to its low drawn down and high profit factor, FAP turbo is rank first among the rest. The Next recommended Expert Advisor is Million Dollar Pips with the high 925% Return on Investment despite it ranking in only at number 6. All Expert Advisor rank 2nnd to 6th are in the same 4 star rating category. Visit my website for more details of each Expert Advisor reviews.


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