"BEING IN A HOSTEL- FOR THE LADIES" - If to be seen technically, the whole world seems to be a pain for women but here we should obviously not talk about that. Our articles have already talked about the pros and cons of being in a hostel and thus we don't need to repeat that. As we have said, surviving in a hostel is not easy for anyone but because of some special cases, it is more difficult for a woman to thrive in a hostel. Either positive or negative, women have to tackle extra issues when it comes to surviving a hostel and among those extra issues, one is THE HOSTEL RULES, which somehow is important for women living in the hostels and results in making it easier for the women. Compiling below some of the rules and regulations for working women in India:

THE ENTRY RULES- The first thing you will do when you visit a working women hostel is filling the forms and signing the rulebook. Oh yes, when you join any working women hostel in India, you need to fill the entry form with all your information. After filling this form, you need to submit it along with all your ID proofs. These forms include some terms and conditions which are the rules and regulations which you need to follow in the hostel. These rules may vary from hostel to hostel depending upon the city, work hours, etc.

THE CURFEW TIME- Those who have already lived in a hostel must be aware of this and those who are not must set it up in the mind that this is the most common rule for all the existing girls hostels in India. The hostels have a specific entry hours beside that no one is allowed to leave the hostel premises. In case of an urgency, you need to provide the application and other required documents proof. This rule is definitely for women's safety.

Shhhhhhhhh.........THE SILENCE- Working women hostels in India have all the mature ladies living together whose priority is their work. Apart from work, they need rest and a noisy environment is just not their thing. Working women hostels are in some parameters different from students girls hostels and maintaining silence and respecting others privacy and schedule is a go to rule for this.

ENTER.....WORK....EXIT- Don't think and relax in the washroom. An important rule if you have a common washroom in your hostel. The faster you are in the washroom, the easier your mornings would be without getting late for the work. Don't let the other women keep banging upon your door while you are enjoying your spa therapy inside the shower. So, washroom rules are important to keep in mind for working women in India. Talking about the washrooms, one more rule is implied- Keep it clean.

DO NOT LITTER- Imagine, you are running late for work and rushed to the washroom and you see litter all over. Now give it a thought , how it feels? Unacceptable, right? This is what everybody feels if the hostel is untidy. No one likes the gross stinks of the dustbins and empty shampoo sachets on the floors of the hostel and thus it is the basic rule to follow for living in a working women hostel. So, you need to keep in mind all this. Do not litter in the dormitory please, always throw empty shampoo sachets or bottles and sanitary napkins in the dustbins. Do not throw food remains in the sink to clog it. Follow these essential rules and your life will be easier than you think.

APPLICATIONS, APPLICATIONS, AND APPLICATIONS- Are you late from the curfew timings? - Please, Do write a late application to the authorities. Are you going on a vacation? - Do write a leave application. Are you going to your own home? - Please write an application. and yes, Is someone else going to come to stay with you? - Please write an application for the same. In short, you need to write an application for literally doing anything which is not mentioned in the rule book of the hostel.

CODE OF CONDUCT- Most of the hostels follow almost the same code of conduct, however, sometimes it may differ. Women must follow that particular code of conduct to reside in a particular hostel.These conducts include maintaining discipline, no smoking , no alcohol, ban on the use of slangs, etc. Maintaining these codes of conducts is mandatory in working women hostels.

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