Saint Augustine of Hippo once famously said: “ the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Traveling is food for the soul, especially in these insanely hectic times when we spend a substantial part of our day buried in excel sheets and word files, often wondering whether there is a life beyond our cubicle. If you have been raring to break the corporate shackles that bind you, take a break from your hectic schedule and go on a trip. Prefer buying an international holiday package over going the DIY way as the operator will take care of everything right from booking tickets to organizing guided tours. Before looking for a tour operator, have a bucket list of dream destinations ready. To help, the post lists some of the most popular international destinations in the world. Take a look.

1. Paris

If you think Paris is all about glitz and glamour, think again! The city apart from being a global fashion capital is also home to numerous art museums and churches that showcase Renaissance architecture in the best light. Paris has a number of upmarket restaurants that serve items from the delectable French cuisine. And then there is the Eiffel Tower, which is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. To sum up, food, glamour and art combine together to create an unrivaled ambiance in Paris.

2. London

From historical attractions to futuristic buildings, London has it all! Like Paris, London, too, is a fashion hub. If you fancy going on a shopping spree, London is your dream destination. The city is home to boutique and flagship stores that sell branded merchandise. London has a number of green spaces and parks where visitors can relax and unwind amidst the greenery.

3. Sydney

There is more than one reason why you should pack your bags and travel to Sydney on your next holiday. The city has several beaches including Shark Beach that offers a panoramic view of the Sydney Harbor bridge. The food and coffee are great in this part of the world. The city has some beautiful places to hang out where you can spend quality time with your travel buddies.

4. Rome

No place on the face of this earth combines the charm of yesteryear rustic elegance with the charisma of the contemporary times better than Rome. The capital of Italy is home to some of the best fountains such as such as the Trevi fountain, Bernini's Four Rivers fountain, and La Barcaccia fountain in the world. When in this special comune, remember to try some foods such as Roman artichokes, and spaghetti alla carbonara special to this part of the world. Rome is an art connoisseur's paradise and many experts believe there is the higher concentration of art and historical monuments in center of Rome than any other part of the world.

Sum up

Whether you are bitten by the wanderlust bug or travel leisurely, these top international destinations must rank high on your travel bucket list. Some other popular international destinations worth your consideration are- New York City, Prague, Dubai, and Barcelona. To get more ideas, before booking an international holiday package talk to your operator about the best places to visit.

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Pooja is a tour & travel operator with extensive experience in preparing and managing domestic/International itineraries. She works meticulously on the intricate aspects of travel operations including budgeting & accounting, travel consulting & reservations, logistical planning, and customer relationship management. At the micro level, Pooja carries out research based on client requirements, coordinates with tour operators & travel agencies, assists individual and group travelers with their travel plans provide price estimates, keeps a check on weather conditions, devise backup strategies for contingencies, and educates clients to ensure seamless travel experience.

Other than work, Pooja pursues her passion for writing through blogging where she shares her travel experiences. In addition, she offers useful tips to nomads on the competitive comparison, best places to visit by highlighting their historical/cultural significance, how to do budgeting, and choosing ideal international holiday packages. Pooja is also a linguist, and fond of learning new languages. Besides Hindi, she can fluently speak and write Spanish and French. She also participates in regular enrichment sessions organized by various leading travel operators and contributes to panel discussions.