The terrain of business, especially on the Internet, is changing faster than ever before. If you’re not up to speed on what’s going on, constantly learning and working with mentors who can show you to what is possible, you are likely to get left behind. Recently I had the opportunity to share time with some of the most amazing people in the world of Internet Marketing. Although some I have known for quite some time, there is nothing to compare to meeting face to face. Among the people I shared time with were Mark Hendricks, Dr. Ron Capps, Stephen Pierce, David Purdue, David Preston, Ron Davies, Lynn Terry, Shel Horowitz, Sam Crowley, Felicia Slattery and more. We all came together to celebrate Willie Crawford's 50th birthday. We each presented information with eager-to-learn attendees on how to build six and seven figure businesses. Throughout the three day event we shared insights that had many similarities. Here are just a few tips we shared…. People have to know you, like you, trust you. Success doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by having a vision. Mentors and training are essential to cutting your learning curve which increases your earning curve You need the right tools to achieve your outcome. The fact is, now more than ever, is the time to be flexible, creative and stay focused. Your job is to do what you can to become very visible in your market. Also, a common message we shared is niche, niche, niche. The playing field is changing day by day. Social marketing, by far, is one of the most important things you can learn or have someone do for you. There are so many “shining objects” we can get caught up in. The key is to not get taken in lots of different directions. Do what you can to go deep into your market while maintaining a high level of integrity.

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