1. No Frame Background Image

In comparison to mobile apps, this technique is widely popular for web pages. Basically, it is a technique of transforming web pages in a manner similar to posters which also enables the background image to be an integral part of the entire theme of the website.

2. Gradient

In 2019, UI designs like gradients are predicted to make a major comeback to take the user interface design trends a notch higher i.e. from complete flat design interfaces to semi-flat design interfaces. The gradient designs also provide scope for performing creative color experiments on the layout of the mobile apps, in an attempt to make them vibrant and eye-catching.

3. Interface Illustration

The Interface Illustrations are basically custom graphics that are created specifically for the web and mobile interfaces to showcase a wide range of UI app design diversity. Last year, this kind of visual app designing established itself among the top-ranked trends.

4. Three Dimensional (3D) Graphics

3D Graphics also is known as the three-dimensional graphics is hands down one of the most popular and essential UI design trends that comes with a large variety of visual content. In the case of 3D graphics, the designers require a different skill set which often includes specific software training.

5. Color Contrast

Color Contrast is yet another interesting user interface design trend where everything revolves around the perspective of different contrasts. A contrast has now turned into an effective way to enable the level of expressiveness in the UI look with the help of colors. One of the main approaches to the color contrast integration is the split screen design.

6. Typography

Today, mobile UI designs seem to be incomplete without adding some bold typography as it is a key factor that also contributes to holding the users' attention. The typography trend works great with creative experiments that require a mix of elegant fonts with catchy taglines. Here are some examples of the same:

7. Go Big On Images

Including bigger images in your user interface design is another trend that will make it big in the year 2019. This is a web UI design for web-based pages also known as the Hero Images. These images are also said to be the very first design element that will catch users' attention in the initial moments of the user interaction.

8. Minimalism

The mobile UI design cannot be labeled as the latest UI trend because it has been a popular trend in 2018 as well but it's 2019 and people are still not over this user interface design. When it comes minimalism and simplification, users tend to prefer them because adding multiple design elements in an app might confuse them.

9. In-App Gesticulation

The In-App Gesticulation is a smart way to improve your user interface with the help of the latest technology. A couple of years ago, the whole concept of operating a sensory smartphone seems unusual to the people and now the app users expect all of their mobile applications to have such inbuilt functionality

10. Full-Screen Experience

In one of the points above, we discussed the no-frame images and now it's all about delivering the full-screen experiences to the users. Having a frameless design is what app owners and application developers are looking forward to.

11. Augmented Reality

We have previously talked a lot about Augmented Reality here at MobileAppDaily, from AR guide to the best Android & iOS reality apps. Now, it's time we discuss the involvement of AR technology in the list of the best UI design trends of 2019.

12. Biometrical Authorization

Biometrical Authorization is additionally a necessary mobile UI style trend with choices like bit ID, Voice Identification, Face ID, etcThese features are highly beneficial for protecting the personal information of the users while creating a bypass for the traditional login authentication method. Such features also act as a secure and time-effective login procedure.

13. Cards

Cards also play a significant role in organizing data in mobile and web-based applications. As they can consist of all  media such as  video, visuals, text, links related to the specified objects and many more. On the other hand, cards are one of the best UI design trends that will focus on displaying large amounts of content on a screen at a single time.

14. Emoticons

2019 will be the year where emotional intelligence will be adopted by a large portion of mobile app designers and it will be much bigger than the just adding animated effects in the applications.

15. Animations

The main aim here is to create an enjoyable and long-lasting impression on mobile app users. For this, you can use multiple interactions and animations in the form of fonts, icons, buttons, and even photos. This approach can be further continued with the functional animation that allows your app users to experience the app in more depth.

Final Thoughts
Interface design trends is always a great topic when it comes to app designers learning more about what's new in the field of mobile app design. And these were the top UI (User Interface) design trends for 2019 that in our opinion will be taking over in different industry verticals.

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