Many household products exist in the market today and are essential for keeping your house not only dust free but clean and organized as well. However, there are lots of snake oil products these nowadays, both online and in brick and mortar retail stores. Therefore, you need to be extra vigilant and carry out enough research to ensure that you are getting authentic household products from reliable online stores.

Moreover, buying these household items have also become easier, thanks to services from online companies like Equinox International.

Therefore, without much ado, here is the list of reliable household products you can purchase from Equinox International:

12-Pack Royal Kitchen Towels

These dish towels are made of one hundred percent durable cotton which will leave your silverware, pans, and plates scratch-free.
They are designed with ultra-absorbent fibers in an exceptional Herringbone weave that minimize the buildup of bacteria and mildew. With this value pack of twelve dish towels, you can have more than enough for cleaning and cooking in your kitchen, for use at dinners tables or even restaurants.

Royal Electric Kettle (BPA free)

Every kitchen must have a kettle, and it is one of the most sought-after devices for a modern kitchen. The Royal Electric Kettle is of premium quality glass and stainless steel. It is uniquely designed to withstand minor drops, prevent the contamination of tastes, and preserve natural flavors.

It comes with LED lights that indicate when the kettle is heating and comes to a full boil within five to six minutes. The Royal Electric kettle is equipped with auto shut-off mechanism which activates within thirty seconds after the water reaches boiling point.

Its cordless technology enables users to pour its content without any hassle and built with a heat-resistant and anti-slip grip or handle.

Royal Duvet

A duvet is bedding that is usually filled with wool, feathers, down or synthetic alternatives. The Royal Duvet is also protected with a removable cover and continues to be popularly across Europe and other parts of the world as a thermal insulator.

When you add a Royal Duvet to your bed, you don’t have to always bother yourself with making your bed all the time. Duvets are not a combination of blankets, sheets or quilts but a single bed covering.

Royal Food Storage Container Set (air-tight)

If you ever need to store your food, then all you need to do is to get your hands on this Food Storage Container Set. The Royal Food Storage Container Set comes in efficient containers of different shapes, volumes, and sizes that are suitable for storing your edibles efficiently.

The Royal Food Storage Container Set is liquid-friendly, which means you can use them to store liquid foods as well as dry foods. They allow for easy pouring, and their lid-lock mechanism ensures your food stays air-tight and secure. They are also very easy to clean.

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