Marketing is often the blood for any startup, but it’s not always as easy. There are in fact some marketing mistakes that businesses make which are often avoidable. While there is no one-stop go solution for marketing success, there are mistakes you could avoid in the process of making your brand. Some common marketing mistakes that small businesses often make are:

No website

In this digital world, you must have a website. Potential clients are going to search for your business and its services through a search engine first before they start communicating with you.
Not having a website is like losing your potential customer to your competitive client. Moreover, it does not take too much money or resource to build a website these days. There are plenty of cheap web hosting sites and website building sites like Wix.


Having talked about a website, the search engines are going to rank your website based on an algorithm. Well, if you are not on the top searches, you probably don’t exist on the web. You will be able to rank your website higher in search rankings only if you have the right SEO strategy.
This will involve having the right set of keywords, descriptions and meta titles. Getting the right SEO strategy will drive your business forward in no time.

Targeting the wrong audience

If you don’t know your potential target, you are sure to miss out on a large chunk of clients. To find the perfect marketing channel for your brand is vital to find out who your target audience is. Understanding the global scenario and customer needs you will orient your business in the right direction and boost sales.

Not reviewing your marketing strategy

Knowing how effective your marketing strategy is almost as important as the strategy itself. Review your analytics, sales volume and pay-per-click ads and find out what works and what doesn't and then make changes accordingly. Moreover, marketing is not a static behaviour and requires a long-term strategy to keep pace with the changing trends of the business. So constant monitoring and review is the key to growth.

Underestimating blogs

Every business should focus on having a blog for their website. But that is not enough. Updating content regularly helps connect to potential clients. But don’t worry if you don’t have one of your own. Going for a guest post on another popular blog is a great way to drive traffic on your website. Get some trustworthy backlinks to establish your credibility for your business.

Failing to brand

Failing to plan is planning to fail goes the famous adage. If your business does not have a brand strategy or having a fragmented strategy, then it is surely one of the reasons for your dropping sales.
Branding tells the world, target audience, who you are and what your products are. It’s more than just creating a logo for your company. It’s about holistically promoting your company by way of website design, graphics and images. Doing this all by yourself may not be a good idea. Hence, a branding company who has an expert team at hand would be the best person to take of all that.

In fact, the benefits of acorporate identity agency in London is also well realised to maintain a strong identity hold.

Focusing too much on competitors

While it's great to learn from the marketing strategy of your competitor you should never try to mimic your competitor's marketing strategy. This creates a feeling of boredom within the customers as they get to know about the similarities and this way you lose the uniqueness of your business.

Marketing could be a tough and time-consuming endeavour, but it’s always important to get your business off the startup ground for the huge hit.

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