Kitchens form a primary part of your home and to keep it from becoming crammed and looking unpleasant you can think of sprucing up the decor. However, as you imagine of updating the decor you may consider remodelling tips which can land you in trouble. There are times when householders make certain mistakes which cost them the money and the entire space. Have a look at these mistakes so that you don’t commit them and instead pull it off like a champion. 

Kitchen remodelling mistakes to be wary of 

We always recommend you have a talk with experts on kitchen refurbishment in Dartford to avoid making silly errors. Not only your cash but your efforts too will be spoiled if you do not pay attention to mistakes as these: 

Wasting space 

This is the first massive error to avoid. The work core of your kitchen should be space efficient. It should be compact leaving no wasteful space. The work core should be organised, packing in together, the prep counter, cooking and dining space. For a ravishing kitchen you can further add a breakfast corner which will rather add style to your cooking zone. 

Tight isles 

The kitchen island should be spacious enough to accommodate major jobs around the cooking corner. Furthermore make sure there is enough clearance to move around smoothly without bumping into things. Keep the aisles between the walls, isles and appliances clear. Spaciousness is the key to a beautiful kitchen decor. Talk to eminent builders in Bexley, who will be able to suggest efficient layouts. 

Forgetting about 3D impacts 

Other than being appealing, your kitchen should be functional too. Most importantly, you will need to design the space wisely so that you can create room for the refrigerator and ovens to open. Furthermore think about where the windows and doors should be positioned. Wide clearance for appliances is fundamental for you to access them easily. Also think about the kitchen cabinets. That’s why it’s always good to think in a 3 dimensional way. Walk through the kitchen space to discover the locations for openings. Meanwhile make sure the kitchen doesn’t appear crammed. 

Overloading the kitchen island 

If the kitchen is big, don’t go any further, bring in another kitchen island but if it’s small, you will need to work with a single isle only. Some of you may think that it’s best to extend the island as a result you end up cramming up the space. Something that’s over 10 feet in length will make it hard for you to move freely. Also, do not go overboard with stuffing the island-top by keeping tableware, dinnerware and baskets. 

Failing to plan for enough storage 

We always recommend you speak to kitchen refurbishment experts in Bexleyheath for a remodelling plan. Instead if you go on with your own ideas, there is likelihood you will omit plans for storage. The characteristic feature of a well designed kitchen is a string of cabinets which will store things exactly the way you want. Furthermore it helps free floor space and make the corner look neat and beautiful. 

Have a look at these common kitchen remodelling mistakes as you head straight for the makeover. 

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The author is a kitchen refurbishment expert in Dartford. In recent times the author has been sharing details about kitchen remodelling plan which are space efficient.