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Top MRI center in Orlando is ready to offer highly qualified and professional services to patients with various conditions. The main direction of the center is MRI . Treatment of almost any disease begins with a proper diagnosis. And the guidance of the correct diagnosis is accurate examination. That is why the diagnostics with MRI is as suitable as possible. This is a safe, modern and accurate method of studying the body, as it allows getting the full information of patient data. It includes the anatomy, functioning and metabolism of organs and tissues.

The Orlando MRI center provides MRI of the different areas of the body including a spine, joints, vessels, soft tissues, bodies of the small pelvis, etc. Experienced radiologists using modern equipment will execute a detailed and precise medical analysis in short time. The accuracy and clarity of the MRI snapshots directly depends on the equipment, e.g. the power of the magnetic field of tomograph. The higher the indicator is, the clearer pictures are.

In the MRI center we have the most modern high-blooded magnetic tomograph of the expert level installed. By applying it, it is possible to carry out all types of MRIs, including a whole body scan. This is especially important for the study of the systemic diseases in oncology, angiology and rheumatology. Tomograph in Orlando also allows scanning with no need to reposition and reinstall the coils. Thus, the patient does not feel extra discomfort and the whole procedure takes less time. When processing the received data, the most up-to-date software is used in MRI center. Then the images are analyzed by experienced specialists of the highest qualification category.

The procedure passes according to the following scheme:
The patient is placed on a special mobile table;
If necessary, the contrast is injected;
The table is moved to the tomograph;
During the scan, it is necessary to stay fixed for the entire procedure (15-60 minutes) to obtain a clear image;
After the diagnostics is completed, the patient receives a report and a snapshot.

In case of injecting contrast, the doctors of MRI center
CFL diagnostic make sure that the patient has no allergies to the drug. This substance allows receiving the fullest image of the body condition. It is absolutely not toxic, and very rarely causes allergic reactions.
MRI eliminates the radiation effect on the body, does not require special preparation, and the only contraindications are metal implants in the body. This type of diagnostics can be carried out during pregnancy and at the very young age. Restrictions on the frequency of the scan do not exist. MRI is also used to assess the effectiveness of the treatment.


Conditions that may require MRI in Orlando are such as:
Acute circulatory disorders in the brain;
Inflammatory processes of organs and soft tissues;
Diseases of arteries and veins, aneurysm;
Migraine and hypertension;
Estimation of the joint condition;
Screening metastasis;
Pathology of the spine and spinal cord injuries;
Rheumatoid arthritis;
Preoperative planning and control after surgery.

MRI center providing excellent services at affordable prices. Doctors are high-class specialists which have vast clinical experience, extensive knowledge and scientific degrees in the field of MRI, CT and ultrasound diagnostics. We offer a qualitative examination in Orlando that meets all the requirements of modern practical medicine. A fully conducted diagnostics is the key to choosing proper treatment. Currently, magnetic resonance tomography occupies one of the leading places among diagnostic methods in MRI center due to being safe and reliable.

Author's Bio: 

MRI Technologist Berenice Conrado was raised in Orlando Fl, where she attended Herzing University and obtained a Radiologic Technologist degree in 2017. Since, she has widened her career and knowledge in the imaging field through extensive research and experience in many areas such as outpatient centers, hospitals, level I and II trauma hospitals and surgery centers.
Over the extent of her career she has acquired great expertise in the imaging field including Neuroimaging, Breast Imaging, Prostate Imaging, Defecography, Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), Magnetic resonance venography (MRV), Orthopedic MRI, Arthrography MRI, Enterography MRI, as well as Pediatric Imaging.
She also prides herself in having a maximum 98 percent retention of claustrophobic patients. As she has developed a great bedside patient care system that has helped countless claustrophobic patients get through their MRI exams. She takes her time to listen to the patients’ needs and concerns to provide the patient with the best experience possible, by creating their visit a unique experience to them.