The people practice yoga for the physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It is being practiced since thousands of years. The popularity of yoga is increasing day by day due to its benefits. Yoga is also a beautiful discipline of therapeutic studies. It helps us to keep in balance our body, mind and soul. All the benefits of yoga also depends on the conditions of the students and the yoga teacher whose class they are taking. You will experience the flow in life which will give you the optimal performance in the life's activities through the meditation. It also helps to enhance the creativity. Yoga has a lot of benefits and some myths also. These myths keep you away from yoga and the benefits of yoga. So, take a look on the benefits and myths of yoga.
Yoga has a lot of physical, mental and spiritual benefits such as:
* It improves the cardio circulatory health.
* It improves the athletic performance.
* It protects from injury and makes you strong.
* It increases the muscle strength and tone.
* It maintains the metabolism.
* It improves the respiration, energy and vitality.
* It improves the flexibility.
* It helps to reduce the overweight.
* It improves the immune system of the body.
* It controls the stress and maintains the BP (Blood Pressure).
* It helps to keep you away from many diseases.
We generally start yoga of breath and increase strength with asanas then we use this to practice meditation. Yoga has a lot of to do with conditioning the mind and the body for meditation. It generally can give one long well defined muscles and not need to be a vegetarian to practice. Meditation is not a religion it is the mystical piece of yoga. There are many scientific researches shows the good effects of yoga and meditation on the body, brain and mind.
Appetite, sleep and sex are the three pillars of a healthy life. Any misbalance in these will results the many health problems in the life. Yoga and meditation is a process of relaxation, awareness and expansion of awareness which creates the peace, passion and bliss and experience the freedom from conflict, fear and sufferings. There are lots of myths about yoga and meditation keeps you away from getting the benefits of it. Below are some top busting myths about yoga:
* Yoga is not as effective as going to the gym when it comes to weight loss.
* There is no variety in yoga and it has same old poses.
* Yoga is all about spirituality and meditation.
* You have to be vegetarian to practice yoga and meditation.
* Yoga does not help in building muscles.
* Yoga is not for everyone.
* It is only a physical practice.
* Yoga is all about 'acrobatics' and intense stretching of the body in queer positions.
The most effect of the yoga teacher training on the body is stress control and relaxation. It leads to the experience of samadhi, moksha, non-duality and nirvana and gives you the transcendence of ego. You should know all about yoga to deepen your practice and to be expert.

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I am a professional at Sattva Yoga Academy, a yoga school for tantra yoga and meditation in Rishikesh, India. It offers yoga teacher training through expert spiritual yoga gurus and expert level masters.