The modern software development industry has been greatly influenced by JavaScript language and artificial intelligence in recent times.

According to a Gartner study, in 2019 it, total global spending on the IT sector is expected to cross $ 3.8 trillion; an increase of 3.2% over the previous year’s spending.

In this scenario, the demand for full-stack developers will be high not only in the coming years but also for many years to come.

Node.js is a framework that is a combination of libraries, assistants, and various tools that help you build and operate advanced and high web applications. Node.js enables your web with a robust foundation for building and protecting your online presence with the help of web application development.

1. Express.js Here is a fast, popular, and flexible platform that provides a powerful collection for application development for the web as well as mobile. It came with a high-end API that allows its users to send and receive requests and makes coordination between the front end and database easier.

2. Meteor.js The framework is very simplified and is smooth for the user. This JS Framework is best compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. Application development via Meteor.js is quite simple and easy and can serve large projects at the same time.

3. Nest.js A framework that enables the application to be built, which is highly scalable. It has a robust base of typescript and is highly motivated by Angular in its features.

4. Koa.js It is a comparatively smaller version, but a more explicit and robust base builder for web applications and APIs. It is very much seamless and allows you to structural components in the way you want. Koa.js has a vast user base and has 28K Github stars.

Robust functionalities making Node.js 2020 ready:

1. Scalability The services are performance-oriented and can significantly affect the execution speed and scalability of the project. A significant advantage of this is that instead of changing the full coding structure, only a part of the affected code will have to be replaced.

2. Reusability The framework logic reduces excessive replication and can be used by many applications.

3. GraphQL According to data recorded by Facebook and Shopify, GraphCall is expected to grow from its current level in 2019 and accelerate in 2020 as well.

4. Microservices Supporting the maintenance of Microsoft code provided by the Node.js framework, it serves to support a Serverless approach and shows excellent effectiveness in large projects.

5. Serverless and Hardware Free Solution: The most useful functionality of Node.js is that it eliminates factors such as hardware and server maintenance from performance decision-making factors.

6. Powered with IoT For geo-delivery systems, real-time features, and tracking, Node.js make you implement real-time based capabilities, micro-services, and data-driven approaches and are a good fit for building IoT applications.

7. Cloud Solutions Node.js can be added to deploy efficiency, ranging from creating new cloud apps to scaling existing cloud apps. Its Serverless architecture is the main reason behind its superior capabilities.

8. Real-Time Apps We routinely use large-scale real-time applications. Food delivery app with many other online collaboration tools, including Google Docs, our iconic food locations, and many other business platforms.

Node.js promising for 2020

1. It has simplified the application of various features and services in both horizontal and vertical positions.

2. Due to its capabilities and uses, it is easy to learn and easy to follow with high demand.

3. It empowers developers to make the client as well as server applications work at the same time and is, therefore, one of the most advanced full-stack software development frameworks.

4. It is powered by the Google V8 engine, which adds fuel to its already high performance.

5. Supported by a vast community that helps solve problems quickly and easily.

Thus, Node.js has emerged as one of the universal frameworks for developing a large variety of applications & eStores through eCommerce website development. The benefit of the Node.js framework is steadily increasing across time and environments, and the language is providing customers with a larger platform based on requirements and desires features.

Summing up The Node.js ecosystem is gaining significant traction due to its features and efficiency. With many global brands increasingly using it on their platforms, the framework is seeing good growth.

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