Hyderabad is among the new and rising employment hub of the nation, with several listed companies investing in the location. With employment opportunities, there is a rise in the demand for real estate property too. Professionals from all different parts of the country are making their way to the city, and it has lead to the inflated demand for residential properties. Several top localities in the city have experienced property price hike but are still affordable by working professionals. Listed below are among the few top localities in Hyderabad Real Estate that are great from an investment perspective.

Manikonda situated 16 km from the city center and has several residential properties on offer for potential buyers. With the widening of the existing roads, the traffic rush has been controlled to a great extent. It has lead to a steady increase in the property prices of this locality. The locality is also linked to three main link roads for perfect connectivity by road transportation for working professionals.

This locality in the city houses a metro station with smart parking facilities along with free electric charging for electric vehicles. With the Balanagar flyover near compellation, there will be a free flow of transportation on Balanagar Main Road. It will help enhance the habitability factor of the Kukatpally. Since the locality boasts good linkage in terms of road transportation, the real estate property prices are bound to increase in the coming years, making it an ideal location from an investment perspective.

Gachibowli is located 28 km from the city center and provides several affordable residential properties for first-time investors. The locality has many residential flats of 2 bhk and 3bhk, with a price range of about 50lakh to 1 crore. The state government has also provided for luxury buses to help provide transportation ease to daily office commuters. Due to the reasonable pricing of the real estate residential properties, this locality has become popular among new investors and, it is the perfect place to invest, viewing its increasing demand in housing property.

This locality is about 23 km away from downtown and is among the best locality to live in the city. The place is going to have smart parking amenities that will allow individuals to access real-time information about their vehicles through a mobile app. It will help eliminate illegal parking in the busier metro station of the city. The locality also boasts apartments for sale with modern facilities for families at budget-friendly prices ranging anywhere from 30 lakh to 75lakh for 2bhk to 3bhk.

It is among the emerging locality of the city as state authorities are planning to improve the infrastructure. With good infrastructure, real estate property prices are going to inflate over time. Since the locality is still at an evolving stage, it makes the property prices very customer –friendly for new or first-time investors.

The above-discussed localities are ideal for work proximity. Even with the on-going pandemic, the city has not experienced a price reduction in real estate property due to good sales and low unsold property listings. Developers are using smart technology to help ease the property buying process for their customers.

However, one should conduct a thorough research when investing in a real estate property in the city. Since there is a limited property inventory to relocate or even expand, you are likely to be stuck with your chosen property for a long time. Browse online and hire a professional to help you guide through the buying process. Hyderabad Real Estate is a hot market now and is ideal for investment, whether as a forever home or for a rental home. Hence, make sure you make the best of the opportunity while you still can within your budget.

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