Milk is one of the top most consumed products globally with high nutrients such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B, Potassium and Vitamin D along with being a rich source of Protein. We’ve all been taught that consumption of milk helps in strengthening bones, preventing osteoporosis and maintaining weight.
Unfortunately, what milk we consume thinking it has healthy properties may actually be an adulterated sample, which could lead to health issues.
The Union Minister for Science and Technology Mr. Harsh Vardhan confirmed in the 2016 Lok Sabha that.
The common adulterants were recorded as detergents, urea, glucose and powdered milk and the worst cases, there were also sewage water, bleaching agents and shampoo. The ultimate result of it is deadly issues being developed over the period of time. This is something, we wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

Once there was awareness around this subject, people started paying attention to these facts and potential dangers. With that, the birth of ‘Organic Milk’ took place in our beloved country, India.

What is organic milk?
Organic Milk in simple words means 100% pure cow milk, fresh from “farm to table”. When cows are fairly treated in the farms, it increases the quality of their milk. Reviews suggest, even the taste of the organic milk is much better and can be easily identified as different from the usual adulterated milk.

These cows are pasture-fed and roam freely in organic farms without any fear of malpractices. They grow naturally and the way they are supposed to. The cows are not injected with any hormonal injections for changing the yield of the milk.
The farms they graze on are purely organic, without chemicals or pesticides. Few farmers feed their cows organic feed to supplement their needs.

This means that there is no human contact throughout the process, so there is no possibility of cross-contamination and no need for chemical preservatives.

What are the benefits of organic milk?
There is no other way in which we can emphasize the main benefit that organic milk provides, which is that it is completely adulterated free. There are also many other benefits such as:

There is an improvement in protein levels.
The fatty acid profile of this milk differs from that of regular milk.
Rich in omega-3s that help prevent cancer, arthritis and many heart diseases.
Conjugated linoleic acid is present, which helps lower cholesterol
Why choose A2 over A1?
Milk contains important proteins in two different types: casein and whey. A1 and A2 are two types of beta-casein; While A1 is found in bagged milk, A2 can be found in many strains of cows, buffalo milk, and goat milk.

But the reason we prefer A2 over A1 is because the A1 protein causes bloating, discomfort and diarrhea. It can also cause problems with brain function and lead to type 1 diabetes. While A2 milk is not suitable for people with lactose intolerance, it does help if you have mild discomfort.
Now that we have pointed out the benefits of Organic Milk, following is the list of Top Organic Milk Brands in our country so that you choose health and safety for you and your loved ones over adulterated milk!

Here’s a list of the top organic milk brands in India, and everything you need to know about them, their offerings and availability.

1. Akshayakalpa in Bangalore
2. Annam Milk in Chennai
3. Whytefarms In Delhi NCR
4. iOrganic Milk in North Delhi, West Delhi and South Delhi
5. Pure Milk in Kolkata
1. Akshayakalpa in Bangalore
Healthy cows producing milk without human contact is an impressive feat to achieve. Luckily for us, Akshayakalpa does a great job of making sure their cows are free of antibiotics and hormones too.

Self-reliance and truly sustainable practices are their top priorities. They have a waste-free farm policy and produce electricity for the milking system.

The brand name “Akshayakalpa” is a combination of “Akshaya” meaning “Infinite” and “Kalpa” which means “Imaginations,” which together translates into “Unlimited Possibilities”. They truly believe in empowering their farmers economically and aim to help farmers produce milk and dairy products in a sustainable way through their systems.

2. Annam Milk in Chennai
Want fresh, nutritious A2 milk at your doorstep? Chennai does not need to wait longer while Sleep Milk Marks all bars in the checklist. It provides the best quality organic milk, which is the A2 type of milk.

They own domestic cows like Kangeyam, Ongole and more and they allow them to graze freely on their farms. Fodder is planted with organic manure and strictly follow the biennial; Using only natural fertilizers on the farm and natural pest control.

This means no preservatives added in this healthy milk delivered to your home!
3. Sid’s Farm in Hyderabad
Sid's Farm, a small Hyderabad-based specialty dairy farm, started in 2012 and has been serving milk and dairy products ever since. These products are completely natural and are tested regularly for harmful adulterous substances, antibiotics and hormones.

In addition to their own farm, they receive high quality milk from selected small farmers, which is also tested regularly. We're talking about 400 to 500 tests per batch!
4. Whytefarms In Delhi NCR
Buy organic cow milk in Delhi NCR. Switch to Whytefarms for best quality, 100% pure & untouched desi cow milk in Delhi. Call @ 18001236455!

5. iOrganic Milk in North Delhi, West Delhi and South Delhi
Healthy cows producing milk without human contact is an impressive feat to achieve. Fortunately, "iOrganic Milk" is produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or toxic pesticides, and its slogan "It's love at first taste!"

Self-reliance and truly sustainable practices are their top priorities. With more than 10 acres of farms, designed with amenities for the care and comfort of cows and an additional 80 acres of grazing their cows, they ensure that the milk produced is completely devoid of toxins. They use automatic Bio-Secure salon, which ensures no human contact and thus no pollution.

With a guarantee of 100% purity, this milk promises to be nutritious, healthy and full of love for all of you in Delhi!

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