While history emblazoned Asia as the hub for all rich merchants and tradesmen that went to seek its cultural and economical gems and jewels, modern times have now reserved that rich quality within Asia’s nature and historical landscapes and landmarks specifically. With the ubiquity of exquisite places and exhilarating experiences in every area of Asia, you will find no shortage of travelling destinations and should prepare to have elongated itineraries. Yet, if you do plan to board a flight to Asia, these are the Asian countries and places you should definitely visit:

Abu Dhabi, UAE

A melting pot of cultures and races, Abu Dhabi brandishes a cosmopolitan atmosphere that embraces every tourist who find themselves amidst its brilliant cityscape. Juxtaposing both traditional elements with modernistic features, Abu Dhabi showcases standard Islamic architecture in a brighter manner. Treading along cerulean coastlines and harbouring incredible landmarks, the city of Abu Dhabi is a magnet for all tourists wishing to find a luxurious and elegant experience in a place abundant with cultural heritages.

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Showing off the religious aspects of Sri Lanka, Kandy celebrates the Buddhist community of people through its different religious landmarks and heritages. The name of this place derives specifically from the belief that it holds the tooth of Buddha which is, likewise, named Kandy. When going to Kandy in Sri Lanka, you need to visit the most famous of its features that can be found in the Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic, Hulu river waterfall, Knuckles Mountain, Royal Botanical Garden and so much more.

Sumatra, Indonesia

Being one of the two reservoirs for wild orang-utans in the world, Sumatra offers a rich experience for its tourists who can witness the lives of its indigenous people and understand their living conditions and tribe traditions. The fact that the Batak tribe, who are the chief residents in this place of Indonesia, still cleave to their ancient culture makes interacting with them an even more enjoyable and learning experience. Not only do you go away from gaining knowledge on the actual lives of a tribe that exists in modern times, but you have the opportunity to participate in their culture and traditions with them.

Udaipur, India

Embedded in the city of Rajasthan, Udaipur is commonly termed as the city of Lakes. The combination of serene waters to the exquisite and elegant palaces that structure themselves in the heart of this city makes visiting this place an ethereal experience. You can also learn about the Mughal history through the many museums and royal gardens of Udaipur as well as enjoy the view of the Aravalli Mountains in the background of the cityscape.

Kyoto, Japan

Deemed as the most beautiful city in Asia, this city in Japan contains a beautiful backdrop of mountains and houses that brandish the architectural features of ancient Japanese tradition. While visiting this place, make sure you do go to one of its thousands of shrines, temples and ancient streets to get the ultimate experience of the Japanese culture.

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