Plastic strip doors are generally used to create barriers between spaces, so as to help with the traffic flow and provide protection from external noise, wind, dust etc. They can be put to use in a variety of places; but are mostly found in industrial warehouses, refrigerated vehicles, freezer rooms etc. People who have vast knowledge and experience in the matter of strip curtains, may know a high quality one when they see one. But, if you aren’t one of them, this article is just the one for you.

These strip doors bestow quite a number of benefits. If you compare the cost of putting up a wall or installing a traditional door with the cost of installing strip curtains, we are sure you know who the winner will be. These doors are super economical, efficient in their work, and easier to maintain. Doesn’t that give you enough reasons to install a plastic strip door curtain? Austcold Industries provide such economical, energy-saving, and easy-to-install PVC strip doors. They are available in a myriad collection of different widths and thicknesses as per your needs.

Top things to consider before buying a clear strip door

As we mentioned already, these clear plastic doors have quite a few feathers in its crown. Not only do they keep out insects, dust, dirt and other contaminants far from your valuable inventory, but also keep out loud noise that can affect your staff. They help to keep the room insulated (whether it’s hot, humid, or cold, freezing temperatures). This prevents your heating or refrigeration system from working overtime, and makes you save up on your hard earned money. But, all of it is in vain, if you don’t end up choosing and installing a strip door of the greatest quality and functionality.

  • Quality
  • One of the first things to ensure is that your strip curtain is made of the highest quality material. Most of them are made up of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), and you need to make sure it’s the highest grade, as the job of strip curtains are quite challenging. They have to face unfavourable weather elements, harsh environments, extreme temperatures etc. The quality of the material provides the basis for a great strip door.

  • Durability
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about the durability of your strip curtain door when you purchase a good quality one. The best PVC made strip doors serve as long-term solutions to major problems like energy efficiency and temperature control. So, durability is a huge factor that you have to keep in mind when purchasing a clear strip door.

  • Value for money
  • We know plastic strip doors can come to your rescue in much critical situations, but you can’t just buy it at any quoted price. You need to make sure that you aren’t overpaying. Compare the prices on similar websites to make sure that you aren’t being taken for a ride. Get yourself a top-notch quality, affordable strip curtain door that will serve you long and turn out to be a good investment.

  • The purpose
  • There are different kinds of curtains available in the market, each for a different purpose. You need to make sure that the strip curtain door you choose is right for the job. Examples -- Anti-static strip curtains aren’t meant for use in hygienic areas, such as hospitals or food processing industries. These places call for antimicrobial strip curtains. Also, flame-resistant ones are more suited for flammable areas and ultraviolet-resistant curtains are perfect for outdoor use.

    These are the main factors that should make up your checklist when you are out shopping for a great PVC strip curtain. Tick each of these off the list, and we are sure you would be making a choice that you aren’t going to regret anytime soon. And we have already told you about the wonders a great strip door can do for your business, right. So, ready to go shopping?

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