The world’s largest essential oil company, dōTERRA International, is getting ready to officially open up business over the next year, in India and the Philippines! This is very exciting to those of us who have been working with dōTERRA for a while, and have friends in these areas.

I also have a great passion for empowering families, men and especially women to have greater opportunities to earn high incomes from home. And dōTERRA has no cap on how much can be earned from them, notably if one has some business experience and is willing to work hard and consistently.

dōTERRA: A Fast Growing, Successful US Company

dōTERRA is one of the fastest growing and most successful network marketing companies in the US, and one of the biggest reasons is that their products are such high quality. They will not accept anything less than 100% pure, whereas most comparable products are diluted, contaminated or adulterated in some form. Perhaps this is why dōTERRA enjoys a 65-85% customer retention rate (compared to the industry average at 10%). When people buy the products, they love them and keep buying them.

How dōTERRA is Different

A couple of other ways dōTERRA is different than most other “MLMs” is that they would have millions of customers that are purchasing, which is not dependent on their business model. So people who distribute the products can do so in more authentic ways and help people with their health. Another difference is that dōTERRA’s compensation plan (the unilevel portion) is almost completely opposite of most MLM companies. It ends up being much more generous over time, and more people are hitting higher ranks and income levels than with many other companies.

Why I Think dōTERRA is Amazing

I personally love dōTERRA, because their products have helped me have more of a wellness lifestyle, and I don’t have to run to the doc for every little thing. I also appreciate the positive company culture of service, honest and collaboration between all parties involved. Not to mention how much good they are doing throughout the world through their Healing Hands Foundation, supporting small farmers and lifting whole communities out of poverty. I’m so proud of this work!

So if you know someone in India or the Philippines, or live there yourself and want a better opportunity for earning recurring income, higher wages, and building a strong retirement, please contact me! I’m a Diamond in dōTERRA and have systems of support already working in these countries. We would love to have you join our team!


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Master herbalist, wife to an ER doc, author, blogger & mother of 7, I teach people how to use essential oils, help others and become financially free.