Hiring photo booths for parties is the new ‘in-thing’ all over the world and Australia is not an exception. It has always been there, but the advent of new photo booth hire companies and the -introduction of new state-of-the-art technologies have collectively fanned this trend. People are hiring these photo booths for various occasions with renewed vigour and gusto.

Of late, these photo booths are making their ways into corporate parties as well! However, when it comes to hiring them for corporate parties, the offices need to take a different stance, and ask a few questions.  

Nevertheless, why it is so? Here are the questions and a short discussion of why it is important to raise them?

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Photo Quality – it makes a big difference to the impression about the employer

The first and foremost thing that should be asked is the qualitative aspect of the photo booth in question. One must be sure about the quality of the performance and that of the photos it will generate.

While customer satisfaction IS the principal yardstick to gauge the quality of any service, when it comes to evaluating a photo booth hired for a corporate event, this is all the more important. The reason being, factors like employee satisfaction and the impression of the employees about their employer and employee-centricity of the employee are closely entangled with this question.

It is understandable, while a quality photo booth with the ability to deliver superior photos will hike the satisfaction quotient of the employees, one that fails to do so will only draw wrath from them. Well, the fingers may very well change direction from the photo booth hire company in Melbourne to their client, i.e. the employer in no time.

Therefore, it is for the interest of the companies that they need to be sure about the ability of photo Booth Company before they put their stakes on them for their events and parties.

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What will be the backgrounds like?

The primary collective reason behind asking this question is the occasion and the venue. The companies, after all, hire for corporate events. Therefore, there are enough reasons for this question to be asked.  Backgrounds that are too funky might be great for birthday parties and other social events, but they might JUST not be the right choices for corporate events.  

While there is no harm for the backgrounds to be dynamic, at times they are needed to be in tune with the corporate mood that the companies might try to set for the party. Hence, while there is no harm in going out of the box while setting backgrounds, there is an ardent need to follow a certain trend or guideline that will help to set up the right mood for the party.

There may be occasions when offices may ask the photo booth rental company in Melbourne to come up with customised backgrounds match the party theme.

Lastly, the same applies to props. Again, while innovative props are always welcome to add that ‘x-factor' to parties, when it comes to corporate events, at times there remains a guideline that the corporate houses would like these photo booths hire companies to follow while choosing props!


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The author owns a party photo booth rental Company in Melbourne and is a regular blogger who writes how to hire a party photo booth in Melbourne.