There has been a lot of fuss regarding vinyl flooring lately. You would probably think of things like drab, dull or boring as you conjure up images of vinyl flooring of the past. However, technology has improved over the years and the vinyl flooring you have today is a far cry away from being lifeless. Here are some top reasons to invest in luxury vinyl flooring.

  • Wide array of colors and styles

The second, top layer of vinyl flooring takes the credit of it being so versatile and eye catching. There is a printing process called rotogravure that uses a rotary press with photoengraved plates in order to print a wide selection of designs on the vinyl. With resilient vinyl flooring, its versatility comes from the many different looks of natural substrates that it can mimic. Tile, stone, brick, marble, linoleum, wood and brick finishes can be achieved with ease. Regardless of your budget, there is always a style you can pick from this multitude.

  • Easy to clean

At present, vinyl floors are sold as “no wax” floors. These surfaces are maintenance friendly because the floor shines without the need of waxing. All you need is a damp mop to keep it clean. The top layer of such vinyl flooring will be highly resistant to both stains and scratches. However note that “no wax” floors will gradually lose their gloss and shine over time. In such cases, take heed of the manufacturer’s instructions and buff the flooring with the recommended coating material.

  • Wear resistant and long lasting

The majority of vinyl flooring consists of 3-4 layers that are sandwiched together to create a durable and beautiful material. The first layer is made of a backing material manufactured from felt or fiberglass. The second layer is a printed layer that sticks to the base layer. Some vinyl styles may include a cushioning layer. The final layer is called the wear layer and this is also manufactured from vinyl. Taken together, these layers bond to give the user a highly resistant and long lasting flooring option.

  • Feet comfort

If you are looking to install the flooring in areas of the house like the kitchen or any other high traffic area, you should go for a style that offers a cushioned backing. This will make you more comfortable.

  • Uncomplicated installation

We always recommend that you get the vinyl flooring installation done by a professional. Even though vinyl flooring is relatively simple to install, you will benefit from a professional installation. The pros can ensure that your vinyl flooring is laid down correctly and according to the standards.

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