Accountancy is as old as the system of barter between human beings. Although the ways of accounting has changed over years, one thing that has remained constant is the prominence of accountancy. With an extremely dynamic job profile, accountancy is perhaps the most exciting career one can undertake. Here are the top reasons of why you should make a career in accounting.

1. You can easily switch industries

Accounting principles doesn't vary from industry to industry. It remains constant. Hence by choosing accounting as a profession you open yourself to limitless opportunities in various industries. You could easily switch industries without the need of starting from scratch. No matter how far we progress, accounting would be the need of any business. Besides, you don't need to be sure from beginning about your choice of industry. You get to experience numerous industries before finding your perfect fit.

2. Gives you global access

Firstly, degree or certifications in accountancy could help you gain credibility and an easy access to job. But there are no prime qualification requirement for entering this field of work. Accountancy is the need at global level and no matter which country you stay you could make easy transition with job in any other country. Globally accredited organizations like ACCA have laid out functioning which remains same for varying countries. Hence, by choosing accounting as a profession you are actually opening yourself for global development. And also the probability of settling in other developed nations becomes easier.

3. There would never be decline in demand

We are all aware of the fact that world is heading towards a global recession and millions of people would be laid off. But guess what professionals would always be in demand? Yes you guessed it right. Accountants were, are and would always be in demand. There is no foresighted decline in the demand of accountants across the world. This profession is recession proof. You get a chance at making stable career with a profession like accountant.

4. It has much to it than churning numbers

Undoubtedly, accountancy and numbers go hand in hand. But this is not what accountancy is limited to. It involves analytical analysis of firm's financial health by pulling them out of financial crisis. The data offered by you would facilitate decision makers to make accurate decision. You can say that the health of firm depends on accountant's hand.

5. Makes you an avid learner for lifetime

The job of accountant isn't a monotonous one. They play at the edge of fallout and makes the firms strong. In order to be successful at accounting profession, you would have to constantly upgrade yourself. Be it with qualifications, certifications or constant reading. This job will make you mor aware and conscious.

Accountancy is much more than entering entries. The day you would understand this would be the day you would pave your path towards success.

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