Gone are the days when vinyl flooring used to be dull, boring and lifeless. It is the talk of yesteryear. Thanks to the latest technologies, vinyl floorings are far from being lifeless. On the contrary they have become all the more luxurious, resilient and stunning in their appearance.

If you are still under a thought about whether you should get vinyl flooring installed in your house or not, then we have come with top reasons why you should.

  1. Plethora of designs and colours! According to a renowned vinyl flooring contractor in Randallstown, MD, with the help of latest technology called rotogravure we can print n numbers of designs on the second layer of the vinyl flooring. It is this layer which makes the vinyl flooring attractive and luxurious. Along with that you can also add lot of versatility to th resilient vinyl flooring. Through this printing method you can make the floor look like natural floorings such as tile, stone, hardwood, marble or any other flooring of your choice.
  2. Low maintenance and easy cleaning! According to best vinyl flooring contractor in Randallstown, MD, vinyl flooring is actually marketed by the manufacturers as no wax flooring. Since it is a no wax flooring you can easily clean it by using wet mop. On top of it, top layer of the flooring is resistant to stains and scratches.
  3. Long lasting! According to an expert of vinyl flooring repair in Randallstown, MD, vinyl flooring is prepared by making a sandwich of three layers. First layer of the base layer is usually made of felt or fibreglass. Second layer on which the designs is printed is made of vinyl and it adheres to the base layer. Base layer acts as a cushion for it. Then comes the third layer called wear layer which is also made of vinyl. It protects the floor from any kind of wear and tear, scratching and makes it long lasting.
  4. Comfortable underfoot! According to experts of vinyl flooring installation in Randallstown, MD, one of the most important benefit of installing vinyl flooring at places where you need to walk or stand a lot is that it provides comfortable underfoot. It is a cushioned flooring which is much more comfortable to walk or stand on as compared to hardwood or other laminates.
  5. Easy installation! Best part about vinyl flooring is that it can be installed over existing levelled wooden or tiled flooring. You don’t have to spend more on removal of old flooring. It saves both your time and money.


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