Enjoying The Perfect Sri Lanka Beach Holiday

Sri Lanka beach tour packages are some of the most popular holiday options traveller from around the world pick for their vacations. This comes to no surprise, as Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island known for its amazing natural beauty. A main highlight that creates this magical allure is the high number of pristine quality beaches that surround the island. If you too are looking forward to enjoy the most unforgettable holiday experience, you too should check out what are the Sri Lanka best beaches suitable for such a vacation. During your search you will find the lovely moon shaped curl called Arugam Bay found in the east coast, is one of the best locations to spend your holiday.

Why Visit Arugam Bay Beach on Your Sri Lanka Beach Holiday

  • Arugam Bay is one of the finest quality beaches of the island
  • There are so many Sri Lanka best beaches that are famous around the world. Among all these popular travel spots, Arugam Bay Beach is found to be one of the best picks from them all. Even though it is located about 314 kilometers away from the capital city Colombo, many do not mind the travel once they feast their eyes on the beauty of the golden sandy beach area.

  • It is a world class surfing destination and an ideal place for an adventurous Sri Lanka Beach Holiday
  • Adventure lovers are in for a treat. Not only is this one of the finest examples of Sri Lanka best beaches in terms of beauty, but the natural formations in the beach area also make it a perfect location to enjoy several beach sports. The name Arugam Bay is quite popular as one of the best surfing locations in the entire world so whether you are a seasoned surfer or just love to try new things, this is the perfect place to be.

  • It is ideal to enjoy budget friendly Sri Lanka beach tour packages
  • Because of the immense popularity of this location among travellers, most of the Sri Lanka beach tour packages offer travel options to this location at very reasonable prices. You will also find there are several budget friendly accommodation options that you can choose from so you can spend time in this lovely destination and enjoy your holiday in the best possible way.

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