Everyone gets excited about planning the perfect vacation. Imagining yourself in a picturesque setting can get the blood pumping and put a smile on your face just thinking about it. As each day passes, you inch your way closer to your departure date and can't wait till it finally arrives. But before you finalize your plans, take a little time to think about how you'll get the most out of your vacation experience. Whether you're planning to take a trip as a family, a couple, with a group of friends, or alone, you'll want to take in all of the sights and sounds your destination spot can offer. Here are a few reasons you should consider renting a car on your next vacation.

Complete Freedom & Control
If you like being spontaneous on your vacations, you'll love the ability to jump into a rental car and go wherever you want at any time you choose. Your itinerary is sure to have a list of attractions included, but often you will learn about more hot places to go from the locals after you arrive at your destination. You'll only be vacationing for a certain number of days, and renting a car will allow you to take in as many sights and activities as possible. By renting a car, you can stick to your itinerary as planned and travel about at your leisure while finding the hidden gems that only the locals know exist.

Save Money & Cut Costs
Typically when you're on vacation without a rental car, you rely on taxis or public transportation. As soon as you set foot outside the airport, you have to find your way to your hotel, resort, or vacation rental. These options are a great way to get a feel for the local area but could cost more than you may have budgeted for initially. Transportation is an expense you can plan for, but you'll never know what you have to spend until you get there. If traveling alone or as a couple, public transportation and taxis could be viable options. But for families and large groups, the potential savings are significant. Rental cars will provide extra money that you can use for almost anything. You could visit a five-star restaurant, take in attractions you didn't plan for, or shop in local stores, plazas, or malls.

More Reliable Transportation & Comfort
Rental car companies typically have new vehicles that are more reliable than taxis, public transportation, or even personal vehicles. The last thing you want to experience on vacation is a breakdown that you can't control. If you're planning to drive your car, truck, or SUV to your vacation destination, you could save your vehicle from the wear and tear of traveling and not accrue any excess mileage. Even if you're up-to-date with all of the maintenance, renting a car or van for your trip will help your vehicle remain in good shape and last longer.

Without question, rental cars are more comfortable than taxis or public transportation. The added safety and convenience soothes the mind when traveling as a family or a large group. Just the thought of ice-cold air conditioning, comfortable seating, and the ability to keep your items safe from theft should make this option much more appealing.

Save Time & Experience More
The most often overlooked benefit of rental vehicles is the time saved by not dealing with third-party transportation sources. Being in control of your transportation allows you to move more efficiently and take in more attractions. All vacation destinations have more to offer than you know, and you can't get to those hidden gems by relying on public transportation.

Car, truck, and SUV rentals can do that for you while adding that peace of mind that has the potential to make your vacation the best one yet. Don't waste time waiting for buses, taxis, or ride-share services. Just jump in the car and go. Having the power to do what you want at a moment's notice makes vacationing a joy and should not be overlooked.

Keep Your Family, Loved Ones, & Friends Safe
As we have witnessed over the past couple of years, illnesses and pandemics can strike any time and anywhere. Lives could potentially be in danger, and regardless of your beliefs, you need to think about the safety of yourself and others when traveling. Unfamiliar environments may not always be as safe as you believe, and the use of rental cars will prevent unnecessary exposure to potential health hazards. All hotels, resorts, restaurants, rental car companies, and businesses, in general, know how important it is to keep their patrons safe and have implemented the necessary measures for protection. You can do the same for your family, friends, loved ones, and yourself by renting a vehicle for your next vacation.

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Katie Tejada is a married mother of six (and animal mom of 12). In her spare time, she enjoys writing about the unique world of motherhood, pet care, and marriage.