A smiling face will be your gateway to many opportunities, as you appear a lot more pleasant and confident. However, the same smile could even be the reason behind your faltered confidence - if not maintained the proper hygiene.


There are numerous reasons why your teeth may stain. Some of the common factors that add up to it are frequent tobacco use, genetics, excessive brushing and flossing, plaque, and more. However, you can quickly cure these by booking an appointment with Novi teeth whitening, as they provide you with tons of different services as per your needs. 


There are two teeth whitening methods that you can opt from, in-office or take-home. In the first case, you get instant results with the dentist applying the white bleaching gel to your teeth that breaks down the stains and lightens your teeth. Whereas, in the second case, you take away the custom tray of whitening agent and put it on your teeth at the comfort of your house. 


On that note, let us check out the top signs when you must consider teeth whitening.


  1. You cannot go a day without drinking coffee 


Stained teeth are not a miracle; it does not occur overnight. However, if you are a coffee addict and cannot survive a day without it, or worse, need multiple cups throughout the day, then you must consider teeth whitening, as your little ritual is causing massive damage to your teeth.

  • Certain diseases and antibiotics


Even if you brush your teeth regularly and take adequate care to maintain oral health, certain diseases or health conditions can cause your teeth to turn yellow automatically. Additionally, if you are taking antibiotics, they may also contribute to discoloration. 


  1. Built-up plaque 


When you are not regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, the plaque will start building, and then in no time, the visuals of your mouth will be embarrassing for both you and the people around you. It is highly advised to brush your teeth after you wake up and before you go to bed. 


  1. If you are a chain-smoker or a regular tobacco consumer:


You must be aware that tobacco and smoking lead to lung cancer and mouth cancer respectively. However, one of the common problems noticed in chain smokers and tobacco consumers is the discoloration of teeth. Most smokers and tobacco users can notice their teeth slowly turning yellow or even black sometimes. 


Some causes of discoloration include fluorosis, age, consumption of highly pigmented food and drinks, genetics, dental trauma, and more. 


Your dentist can help by diagnosing the right treatment, allowing you to maintain a bright smile! 


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