Stress is an unavoidable side effect of life. There will always be events that force you to undergo a large amount of physical and emotional stress, which makes knowing how to handle those situations key to keeping yourself sane. Below is a list of the six most stressful situations that most adults will encounter, and how to deal with them.

1. Weddings
Weddings represent the everlasting union between two people, which is why so much planning has to go into them. This can often make everyone involved overly stressed, whether you're the bride, the groom or just someone helping out. The best way to deal with the stress brought on by weddings is to plan for what you can while ensuring that the necessary parties, such as those involved with catering, are in check. While a few minor details may not go as planned, at least the majority of the event will. Get help from others and try not to tackle all the tasks yourself.

2. Losing a Job
Getting fired and getting laid off are two sides of the same coin. Both represent a situation where your livelihood is cut off. This forces you into an extremely stressful situation where you may not even be able to pay your bills. The best way to deal with the stress of employment loss is to pick things up and to look for another job as promptly as possible. Part-time jobs can help during this time when you're trying your best to make ends meet. You can prepare ahead of time for this stressful situation by having a savings account for emergencies. Financial experts have recommended having three month's worth of paychecks available in a savings account for emergencies. Doing so will allow you to keep paying the bills and living comfortably while you look for more work.

3. Moving
The entire process of moving is stressful, from moving all of your belongings to starting a life somewhere new. It can become even more stressful when you hire help when moving, as you may become worried that your moving helpers will steal or break your prized possessions. The best way to deal with the stress moving can bring is to take your time packaging everything up while reducing the amount of things you have to take with you. A few carefully packed boxes with extra cushioning may take the weight off your shoulders. Make sure everything is marked well to reduce stress and time when you unpack too.

4. Debt and Other Financial Problems
Debt is something that most people have at some point in their lives. When people can't pay it, they tend to run and hide. This causes them to worry indefinitely about the inevitable debt collector that comes knocking with a lawsuit. The optimal way to deal with debt is to plan on how you will repay it before you even take the debt out. Doing similar with the debts you acknowledge will further help reduce your stress. Get the help of financial experts to get back on track financially if needed.

5. Divorce
Both the actual process of legally becoming divorce and the events that have led up to it are among one of the most stressful situations a person can experience. Fighting, property disputes and a long laundry list of accusations from one spouse to the other are all stress-causing items. Dealing with divorce can be made easier if you take the proper steps. Divorce mediation can help both parties calm down and make decisions fairly. A divorce mediator in San Jose can reduce the stress for both parties involved, and should be considered for anyone going through a divorce.

6. Death of a Loved One
Loss of someone whom you care about, even when it is expected and you have all the time to prepare in the world, is still an incredibly heavy burden to bear. The people left alive are the ones who typically have to tie up the loose ends of someone whom has just departed from this world. The good news is that preparation for both legal and financial matters concerning someone's death can help reduce the amount of stress you feel. Finding a support system, whether that's a family member, a friend, a counselor, a church, or a support group, will make the remainder of that stressful burden easier to bear.

Stress is something that you simply have to learn how to handle, as it will always be there. The most common advice that can be given is to learn how to deal with the situations that you find most stressful, be that with proper planning, tackling your fears head-first, or by finding the right person to confide in about your problems.

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