Leadership skill is one the most demanding skill in the world d today. Now, what does it take to be a great leader in school, workplace, society, etc?

Everyone can play a leading role, but strong leadership ability is required to be good and prosper in that position. Good leadership skills are a top priority for recruiters when hiring people or managers to promote leaders within their organization. lead skills are a top priority. The top companies pursue the most demanded executives of individuals with well-respected leadership skills.

Tops skills for effective leadership include:

Communication skills -

This is important and on top of the list. As a leader, you must be able to explain everything from organizational objectives to specific tasks to your employees clearly and succinctly. Leaders should master every form of communication, including single, departmental, full-service, and telephone, e-mail, video, chat, and social media.

Listening is an important part of communication. Leaders should be able to discuss problems and concerns with employees on a regular basis. ( https://michyking.com/effective-communication-meaning-barrier-and-how-to... )

2. Decisiveness -

Efficient leaders are those who with the information they have can make decisions promptly. Time and experience are part of effective decision-making. As you become more familiar with your specific industry, even if you do not have all the needed information, you can make decisions faster. Decisively is considered a valuable leadership skill, as it can help faster projects and increase efficiency.

Research, evaluation, problem-solving, and objective setting, often with a fast turnaround, is necessary for effective decisiveness. Decision-makers should be able to draw on their own experience and experience with similar tasks, evaluate the things that could work best, decide and take responsibility for the results.

3. Positiveness

An office can go far ahead with a positive attitude. If something does not go as planned, you should laugh at yourself, which helps to create a healthy, happy workplace, even during stressful periods.

TIPS: Simple acts such as asking staff about their weekend or holiday plans develop a good atmosphere in their offices and raise moral standards for employees.

If employees feel that they are working in a positive environment, they are more willing to work and are therefore more ready to spend the long hours when necessary.

4 Integrity

Integrity is frequently viewed as just honesty or truthfulness, but in many cases also means having strong values and standing by them. Integrity at work frequently means that the company can make ethical choices and keep a positive picture. All companies seek to employ employees with a strong sense of integrity.

Having integrity as a leader not only encourages best practices and results but also sends your team a strong and positive example

5. Delegation

Leaders who try to take on too many tasks by themselves will struggle to get anything done.  These leaders often fear that it's a sign of weakness to delegate tasks rather they are a sign of a strong leader.

You need to identify each individual employee's skills and assign each employee's responsibilities based on his skills. You can focus on other important tasks by delegating tasks to employees.

6. Empathy

This the ability to consider others in decision making. ( https://michyking.com/how-to-increase-your-empathy/ )

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