Being a virtual assistant is an emerging new trend for remote employees. It is a high in-demand position that can even open doors for more sought-after positions in marketing and sales in the future.

A virtual assistant’s main task is to provide administrative assistance to a client while working from the comfort of their home. There are some crucial skills that a virtual assistant must possess to be of value to your business.

Next time you need to hire a personal virtual assistant, these are the skills you should look out for.


Being able to trust your virtual assistant is a big blessing. Your virtual assistant is going to be interacting with potential clients; therefore, you must hire someone reliable.

A dependable personal virtual assistant will make your work life a lot easier and hassle-free.

Stellar Communication
Your virtual assistant must possess incredible communication skills along with exceptional writing skills as well. This is because much of the work they will do revolves around either written or oral communication.

And because virtual assistant services are offered from a home environment, almost all forms of contact are via emails, messages, or video calling platforms.

Therefore, you must seek someone with fluent speaking skills and persuasive written communication too.


Time management is a core factor to consider when recruiting a virtual assistant. It is common for virtual assistants to have multiple clients at one time. This requires effective time management skills so that all assigned tasks can be equally prioritized.

To handle deadlines and keep track of all assignments, most virtual assistants use online calendars. It is an easy-to-use and effective method to use your time highly efficiently.


Ensure that the candidate you chose to be your personal virtual assistant possesses the ability to do in-depth research. It is common practice that once you hire a virtual assistant, you are likely to entrust them with work that involves replying to emails and inquiries placed by clients.

This will require a lot of information to be researched and compiled. A candidate who is at ease with doing extensive research should be on top of your priority list.


To be organized is a big help for all kinds of jobs. Your virtual assistant is going to be handling a mountain of tasks all at once; therefore, having an organized way of working is going to prove very beneficial.

A systematic approach towards work makes it possible to achieve more in far less time as compared to a haphazard style of working.


Most work-from-home jobs require a tremendous amount of self-motivation to make things work. It is harder to stay focused in a home-based environment; therefore, your virtual assistant must be able to keep a check on themselves and stick to a consistent work routine to be able to complete all given tasks within the deadline.

Attention To Detail

Being detail-oriented is a much sought-after quality in a virtual assistant. A detail-oriented individual will be able to pick up any errors before they become a part of the public eye.

This will go a long way in establishing the reliability of your business. Your virtual assistant also needs to have a keen ear for listening to client briefs attentively and patiently.

Typing Capability

Typing is the mode in which your virtual assistant is going to be conducting all communication. It is a technical skill that is a must.

Speed and accuracy are two aspects of typing that are both equally important to have. Your virtual assistant will have to promptly respond to all requests and queries placed by different clients, and for that purpose, effective typing skills are pivotal.

Productiveness And Discipline

Creative productiveness is a skill that you should keep an eye out for a while, scanning your virtual assistant options.

It is quite likely that you might not have enough time to come up with creative initiatives for your business. It is here that your personal virtual assistant can be of help.

Look for individuals who are creative with the work that they do and do not restrict themselves to only a limited number of skills.

If your virtual assistant knows content writing, email automation, ad creation, and social media branding, they might be able to brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas for your brand propagation.

Accounting Skills

The virtual assistant you hire will work independently, and therefore they must have a basic understanding of accounting. Accounting skills will help your assistant to pick out clients that will prove to be the most profitable for your business in the long run.

Batching Ability

Batching is a technique that is employed to manage time efficiently. Rather than multitasking, it designates a certain time slot to perform a particular task. It significantly saves time as the repetitiveness of the same task throughout the day is reduced by the batching technique.

For example, instead of putting responding to emails as a task on your to-do list, batching simply fixes the time between 3 pm to 5 pm as the hours to respond to client emails. This way, your virtual assistant does not have to get back to emails as and when they come.


Hiring a virtual assistant for your brand or business is a crucial thing to do. While there may be a lot of options to choose from, picking the best one can be a tricky decision.

There are some prominent skills that you should search for while hiring an individual to provide you with virtual assistant services for your brand.

The right person will be able to propagate your brand’s image in a way that is in sync with the market.

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Being a virtual assistant is a technical job. There is a specific skill set to look out for when hiring one. This article highlights a few of those skills.