As the Covid-19 reality sets in further, it can be all too tempting to let your daily routine slide, but even during a time of tremendous stress and uncertainty, exercise can be a helpful tool that helps you remain when physically and mentally healthy as possible.

And even if you’re used to going to the gym or attending your favorite class for your workout routine, there are tons of apps and online platform that can serve as a good substitute.

Here, we look at some of the best smartphone apps that can help you keep track of your routine and stay fit during this lockdown.


DailyBurn has almost every exercise routine you may be interested in with thousands of exercises available: pilates, yoga, muscle building, cardio, stretching, and so on. And to keep you involved further, the app has an integrated social network, where participants inspire each other to stick to fitness goals and continue to sweat.

The app also includes a number of classes, including boot camps, yoga lessons, beginner plans, and a gruelling 21-day workout challenge to kick start your fitness journey.

HealthifyMe Calorie Counter

Android users can also check out Calorie Counter, Home Exercise app built by HealthifyMe, a fitness startup. The app lets you enter a weight loss group, get a diet schedule, or show a calorie counter when you're at home. To achieve your fitness goals, you can also monitor your workouts, water intake and the consumption of food calories.

The app asks you to provide details of your daily activity and medical conditions by which it sets your goals and allows you to track your food to stay fit. You can also set a reminder about the meal.

In addition, you can pick from over 50 free workouts, all for free in the basic version.


This is an app that lets you customize your workout according to your needs. Try to think of it as a professional personal trainer in your pocket. It's an audio-focused device that can bark orders or offer calming encouragement from a personal trainer.

You can choose from a wide range of workouts each focusing on a distinct fitness target after developing a weekly schedule based on your customized settings. To offer a sense of personality and improve the experience, a different trainer runs each workout and features a different genre of music.

Aaptiv provides unrestricted access to thousands of workouts, with the introduction of 30 new workouts each week.

Home Workout

With the Home Workout app, you can set weekly body fitness goals. You may also challenge your entire body or lower body, or select a workout to build up abs, shoulders, or biceps at home.

With every exercise, the app offers animations and video guidance. It also includes routines for warm-ups and stretches.

There are reminders for workouts that can be customized to your tastes. The app also offers you advance guidance.
The app is providing an exclusive offer for subscribers during the lockdown - Access to all premium workouts up until July 1.

Nike Training Club

The free app features top-notch Nike Master Trainers — including sports celebrities like Serena Williams, the tennis icon — who teach both bodyweight and equipment-based lessons.

Furthermore, participants can access diet and fitness content, along with tips for routine workouts and customizable plans.

Some of the workouts in this app may require certain home gym equipment, so you may want to consider investing in some of the best overall exercise equipment for home and make certain they are delivered safely in line with COVID-19 guidelines.

Exercises Workout & PulseBeat

Exercise Workout & PulseBeat is a trending iOS app that you can download to your iPhone to continue your workout during the lockdown.

The app gives you different workouts you can do at home to reduce your weight and keep fit. Additionally, if you put your finger on the camera of the iPhone, you can record your pulse rate. With a three-day trial, the Exercises Workout & PulseBeat app is available free to download.


Looking after your mental wellbeing plays a significant role in maintaining fitness, retaining energy and achieving a safe weight. Headspace takes just 10 minutes, but it somehow gives great benefit to your mental well-being, mindfulness and happiness.

The app takes you through convincing but simple practices of meditation and well-being exercises designed to help you alleviate tension while enhancing your attitude, sleep habits and overall well-being.

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