A social media management company should be able to help organizations in dealing with the situation of solving the challenges and help them to transform into an open organization that can leverage social media to take customer service to a next level.

No brand manager can deny the power of social media. A social media management company needs to recognize the power of social media marketing and how to get into the new mode of connecting with customers and servicing them. Businesses like to invest in Social CRM systems, hiring through Social Media, Social Media integration, but they are facing organizational challenges.

Transformation Framework Of A Social Media Management Company:

1. Internal study: a SMM company starts with the study of organization’s construct, size, offerings, customer experience, marketing strategy, CRM processes and systems.

2. Industry analysis: a social media management company then moves further to carry out industry analysis, competitor analysis etc. It identifies gaps in the processes and sets benchmark based on the first two steps.

3. Goal setting: this is third step in transformation framework. It involves setting up goals for social media activity on different channels. It has focus on improving customer experience.

4. Planning and process design: it is a most vital and effort intensive step. A social media management company sets the plans to achieve goals, this is done after setting goals. A company designs new processes for integration of Social Media into company's daily operations.

5. Information Systems and Metrics: This is last step in the whole process. It includes setting up systems to provide information for close monitoring and measurement.

One of the major reasons a marketing manager is cautious of committing to Social Media, is nothing but the lack of Social Media marketers on his team who can just take charge of this activity, manage the social media marketing agency to which the activity is outsourced. It is quite risky to venture into as powerful as social media without thorough understanding, and hiring a company with not much understanding can lead to problems. However, there is not much choice available. Developing an expertise in the field of social media is a pretty ambitious plan, as there are not many experienced people available for hiring. Without a suitable social media audit, it is difficult to arrive on the most optimum plan of campaign.

A social media management company offers the option to develop the ability to handle social campaigns, over a short period of time. They have to conduct sessions to train the marketing people on managing Social Media. The training should include modules to educate marketers of social media strategy formulation, different platforms, pros and cons, analytics, reporting and so on. The training modules are consist of case studies and assignments to give professionals a practical experience of planning campaigns, and executing them.

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