Students also want to have the independence of spending money on their own without the interference of parents or elder siblings. For this having a student credit card is the best option. A student credit card will allow you to earn reward points which is useful for maintaining a good credit history and enjoying interest-free financing during student life.

To apply for a student card you have to fulfil the minimum requirements which include having a source of income which is enough to pay for your credit card bill. By paying bills timely, you can make your credit history favourable for your future. And this credit history can be used to take loans in future to buy a home or car, and you can get lower interest rates too.

If you are planning to apply for a student credit card and searching among different available cards, we have picked business line of credit for you. You can pick anyone from these as all are for students and are offering variable bonuses and rewards.

1.Discover It

This card is best for the students who want to learn handling credit. It offers five percent cash back value if you spend up to $1500 per quarterly in different areas of spending which are variable from time to time. Like nowadays the areas for cash back include Amazon and different restaurants.

It also offers rewards for getting good grades in school. No annual fee and no foreign transaction fee. It also does not charge an extra payment for paying your bill late. You’ll get signup bonus free when you apply and approved to get discover it student credit card.

2.Citi Thankyou Preferred

If you are a foodie and love to watch movies and like going to concerts, then Citi thankyou preferred credit card is for you. It gives you two reward points for dining out, or spending on entertainment and 1 point per dollar spent on other purchases. Points can be redeemed on the variety of available option like travel, gift cards cash or you can use the points to pay your student loan.

It also comes with no annual fee. Plus, you’ll get sign up bonus, and after spending $500 in first three months, you’ll get 2500 bonus reward points. And the earned reward points have no expiration limits; you can redeem them anytime. We think this student credit card is an amazing gift for students who are entertainment lovers.

3.Journey (Capital One)

It is the card for responsible individual or students who pay their bills on time. And paying the bill on time will reward you with additional bonuses. On time payments will help you in making your credit history good. This card can be availed by nonstudent individuals too.
If you make your first five bill payments on time, you are eligible for the higher credit line. Similarly, with other student credit cards comes with no annual or foreign transaction fee. However, cash back reward is much lower as compared to others which are 1% to 1.25%

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