Did you know that you can host your desktop-based tax software on the cloud?

Tax software hosting helps achieve better remote accessibility, application-level security, data privacy, 99.999% uptime, and many other cloud benefits. The right cloud service provider, like Ace Cloud Hosting, additionally helps in the smooth transition and migration of your application data. Our dedicated support team resolves challenges related to tax software hosting on priority helping you with a series of challenges, like multi-factor authentication, data recovery, or access control.

In this discussion, you will come across a list of tax software to host on the cloud with Ace Cloud Hosting.

Top Tax Software To Host On The Cloud

Ideally, it is possible to host any desktop-based tax software on the cloud. Here is the list of top tax software to host for better productivity and operational efficiency.

1. Drake Tax Software

Drake Tax is premium software that is extremely helpful for CPAs and accountants in the tax season. It helps you automate various functions, prepare taxes in a hassle-free manner, and process returns on time.

This is the best tax software to host on the cloud as the cloud helps enhance its features and functionalities. Think how feasible it would be for your employees to access data remotely, download details, and share valuable insights with customers without visiting the office.

2. ProSeries

ProSeries is another valuable tax software that gives you a connected tax tool with integrated solutions. Tax preparers can use ProSeries to receive optimum financial outcomes in less time.

When you use tax software hosting for ProSeries, you can work feasibly during the tax seasons. It is possible to increase your resources when you need more performance power and shed these resources to optimize your costing later. There are many other benefits, like simpler remote collaboration, better security, and high uptime.

3. UltraTax Software

UltraTax software is a blessing for tax preparers, as the tool automates your accounting and tax activities to save time and offer powerful outcomes. You can rely on UltraTax for accurate tax preparation every tax season.

UltraTax CS software hosting with Ace Cloud Hosting gives you a flexible working environment, remote availability, and seamless collaboration. You can reduce glitches, ensure that your application has high accessibility (99.99% uptime), and also reduce security challenges.

4. ATX Software

ATX software is user-friendly software with one of the largest libraries for forms. This tax software is truly valuable for every type of organization. You can file returns without challenges, utilize in-built compliance forms, and integrate tools for additional support.

Hosting ATX software on the cloud allows real-time collaboration within your team. Your accountants are able to connect using data remotely. Centralized data management helps access and extract data in a smooth way, and high uptime (99.999%) improves the comprehensive functioning of the software.

5. Lacerte

Another tax software to host on our list is Lacerte. It is a comprehensive tool for the tax needs of a company. You can maximize profits for your customers, automate several challenging tasks, and improve the productivity of the business.

Hosting Lacerte on Ace Cloud Hosting’s network helps you collaborate remotely and improve your operational efficiency. If you are also using QuickBooks, you can utilize ACE’s solutions to integrate data and enjoy better flexibility in tax and accounting management.

From uptime to secure access, every feature of this tax software hosting enhances your work, maximizes your revenues, and reduces your hassle.

Tax Software Hosting with Ace Cloud Hosting

Tax software hosting with Ace Cloud Hosting is accompanied by a series of benefits and features. Some of these are:

1. Data Access and Sharing

Ace Cloud Hosting helps you access your tax software data from a centralized database. CPAs and accounting professionals can access files with the right access control, share this data without security challenges, and collaborate for better productivity. This means that your employees don’t need to utilize unsecured methods for file sharing, they can achieve it with the cloud, which is much more secure and feasible.

2. High Uptime

Ace Cloud Hosting offers 99.999% uptime for tax software hosting. We utilize server and data redundancy principles for your IT infrastructure. This means our servers are set up and deployed at different geographical locations. The tax software data is stored redundantly on these servers. Due to this, we are able to offer SLA-backed high uptime to every customer.

3. Better Performance

With our high-performance servers, employees of your business receive better performance and resources. For example, you need more processing power during the tax season, our high-performance services help you throughout the high-load time.

If it is required, you can always increase or decrease your resources and storage to optimize the performance of hosted tax software during the tax season.

4. Remote Access

When you are using desktop-based tax software, it is only possible to access data and applications from the dedicated desktop or server. With tax software hosting, you are able to open a virtual image of the software remotely through an internet connection. This means your employees can work on the go and access applications from any time anywhere. It is possible to work on the application on a smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet.

5. Backup Support

Ace Cloud Hosting provides regular backups that are stored in multiple locations (Read: Redundantly). This offers a strong business continuity plan even during times of disaster.

6. Security

Ace Cloud Hosting offers a multitude of security controls for tax cloud hosting. For example, we encrypt your data using TLS 1.3 and 256-bit encryption methods. Similarly, data on our servers is protected with firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, etc.


Tax software hosting allows small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses to reduce challenges associated with software and IT management. You can remotely manage your data, continue working on the go, and achieve better operational efficiency. Ace Cloud Hosting ensures optimum data security, regular backups for disaster situations, and high uptime with server redundancy. Find out more about our dedicated tax software hosting and deploy the best solution for your company.

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Bhavleen is a writer at Ace Cloud Hosting – a leading hosting provider for tax software, with several years of experience in the cloud industry. She loves to research various technologies and has a firm grasp on topics like Accounting, ERP, VDI, and HIPAA.