Throughout the United States of America, there are millions of different locations to travel to. From great oceans, to massive mountains, to expansive metropolises, there is no end to the diversity throughout the 50 states. One of the more diverse states throughout the country is Texas. Texas, with the second largest population in the entire country, is home to numerous large cities, deserts, beaches, mountains, and so much more. Texas’ diversity in landscapes as well as culture is why it has become such a hot travel destination in recent years. Because it is such a large travel destination, there are numerous high-tech airports throughout the state. Knowing about the numerous airports and their technological advances is important when planning a trip to the Lone Star State.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
One of the largest cities in Texas is the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, making it an incredibly popular tourism destination. The city has seen an immense number of technological advances in recent years, as it is becoming a haven for startups. One of the most technologically advanced infrastructure projects has been at the city’s airport. The city has installed ‘smart glass’ in the airports, in order to regulate the temperature in the airport, as well as the amount of sunlight that gets in. This has proven to be a huge success for passengers. There has also been the addition of an airport parking service at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, which has allowed more passengers to easily park their cars and ensure that they make their flights on time.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
In recent decades Austin has become one of the top tourism destinations in all of Texas. Its funky atmosphere, as well as its excellent music scene have contributed to its rise as a top location for travelers. Austin-Bergstrom has constantly been at the forefront of technological advances, as it was one of the first airports to introduce WiFi in the early 2000s. The airport also contains automated passport control kiosks in an effort to expedite security screenings.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport
George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston is truly the pinnacle of technological progressiveness in Texas. The airport is a major hub, being that Houston is a major tourism destination. George Bush Intercontinental debuted the world’s first airport wayfinding technology that allows passengers to navigate their way around the airport with relative ease. Passengers can utilize their smartphones to use the company LocusLabs technology that allows people to use an interactive map which provides transit path directions. It is an excellent addition to one of the top airports in the country, and will only continue to be used even more in the future.

Final Thoughts
Texas may be a destination that is associated with ten-gallon hats and the wild west, but in recent decades it has truly transformed. This is evidenced by the incredible technologies within the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, and numerous others throughout the great state. As the future progresses, there is no doubt that these airports and others will continue to thrive and grow as technological powerhouses within Texas.

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