best fat loss workouts for men

If you are searching for the best fat loss workouts for men, welcome aboard! We have found some solid solutions for you which are not as intimidating and are comparatively achievable compared to some of the crazy hard-core exercises out there. We believe that it is best when you start slow and build a strong foundation, rather than exhausting your body with something severe right away. If you are new in your fat loss journey, hang on. We will ensure that you get just the right motivation you need.

Weight loss is a tough journey, and there is a lot that goes into it. It is crucial to be disciplined and never lose focus. It is also important to realize it will take a while before you can see any real changes in your body. Until then, as the song goes, 'don't stop believing!'

Best fat loss workouts for men you need to try!



You don't get six-pack abs immediately after a couple weeks of starting ab exercises. And while the six-pack dreams might still take some time, having a strong core might be an excellent first step in that general direction. Start with the plank exercise, get in the push-up position and lower your arms down to your elbows under your shoulders. Keep your legs straight, so your body forms a straight line. Stay firm and do not push your butt up in the air or let your hips drop. Hold that position for 1 to 2 minutes. Then repeat 2 to 3 times.

Group Exercise Sessions

fitness class

One of the most reliable ways to be committed to a workout routine is to pursue a social support system . Group training classes are an excellent place to meet different people with the same goals however, you should make sure the class is a good fit and the other people also share your goals, determination and work ethic.

Before you spend any money see if they have a free trial period or if they will let you drop in and give it a try. Also if you are starting the class overweight remember that it may take more time to complete the movements and make sure the flow of the class is exciting yet challenging. Also, observe the way the instructor leads the routine, do you like the tone, movement and overall feel for the class. An accommodating teacher that will give clear instructions that are easy to follow and movements that are fun and challenging will help you keep going.

Take the stairs

Stair Training

Who needs the Stairmaster when you have actual set of stairs? Stairs are an easy and highly accessible workout opportunity. It is an extremely effective way to shed those pounds while building your overall cardiovascular health. You can do it as an alternative to a run or the cardio machines. This is also something that you don't have to make time in your busy schedule and can be well-incorporated in your everyday life using the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Strength Training

Best Bicep Workouts for Strong and Impressive Arms - Incline Bicep Curls

There are several reasons to start a strength training routine and all of them come with an abundance of health benefits. However, for an overweight person working out, the benefits are greatly enhanced. Regular practice of strength exercises improves issues related to bad posture and carrying excess weight. It can also improve the range of motion in all of your joint areas. Eventually, when as you gain muscle and strength, you speed up your metabolism and your weight gain efforts will increase drastically.

You can also start lifting weights at home, however, this is one situation where investing in a gym or choosing a personal trainer may be particularly helpful. In addition, you can use a single sitting with a personal coach to learn simple exercises and show you technique tips that will help get you in shape. They can also help you set clear and measured goals and establish a road map on how to achieve them.

Box Jumps )

Box Jumps are wonderful exercises for restoring/ adding muscles and burning the fat away. Taking a breather between the reps clears up your anchoring mechanics and is much gentler on your knees. Additionally, you can also customize the height of the box based on your flexibility and level of fitness.

Step-ups with Kickback

Step-Ups with Kickbacks are a full-body exercise that has a low-impact as compared to other weighted exercises. Allowing you to gain more power and burn calories at lightning speed.

Step-ups are great for your balance, abdominals, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Additionally, the glutes are the most extended muscles of the human body, so working those muscles is extremely important in your weight loss journey.

Med Ball Slams

med ball slams

Med ball slams is an excellent exercise to go for after a hard day. Not only will it burn away your fat, but it will also burn away the stress out of your system. It is weirdly therapeutic, and as you slam the ball harder, you feel all your stress and tension melt away.

While using the med ball slams, you will use your entire body for the move. While you raise the ball above your head and rise up on your toes you will use your push muscles. Now on the way down you will use your core, hips, and arms to slam it back down. Get the ball as it springs back to your chest and repeats the move.


To be honest, biking or spinning is probably the most excellent way to burn calories with the lowest impression on your joints. While a reclining bike is a smart choice if you have ailments like back pain, leg, and arm joint problems, or need more comfort. Also available are the reclining cross-trainers available on the retail units. These versions offer more variation if you need an extra challenging workout. This machine is comparable to a step machine and lets you manage both the upper and the lower body with decreased pressure to your joints.

If you don't have the room or the budget for a bike or a spin bike, contemplate a portable peddler. These small, light machines let you pedal while being seated at your desk or in a comfy chair.

Jumping Rope

jump ropes

If jumping rope sounds too kindergarten to you, it is time to change your mentality. It is a kind of workout equipment which gives you a full-body workout, which means there is a lot of fat-burning opportunities there. Start by getting a proper hold on your speed and technique and start speed skipping for short periods of time, two minutes at most. Keep your arms nearly still at your sides and twist your wrists to turn the rope, jump off the ground only high enough so that you clear the line. Keep your landing as soft as possible and on the balls of your feet. Once the basics are clear, there is a whole lot of exercise opportunities waiting for you to explore. You can try out some HIIT routines to explore more fat burning options.

Front lunge

Start by standing with your feet pushed together and take a big step forward with your right leg, settling on your heel, and lower down till your thigh is parallel and your back and your knee is almost reaching the ground. Use the wall for balancing if you feel like you are tumbling over. Push back to your initial position and start the move again with your other leg. Start by doing five lunges on each leg, and you can increase them as you get more comfortable with them.


crunches best fat loss workouts for men

There are very few exercises which work as well as crunches. It burns fat easily and is known to be ranked pretty high when it comes to exercises that help in losing weight. So you might want to consider doing crunches every day and making it a mandate in your weight loss program. You can start by laying down flat with your arm behind your head and bend your knees and your feet on the ground. Lift your torso off the floor to do a crunch and go back to your original position. Repeat as many times as you please. Feel free to start small and build up from there. As a beginner, start from 20 crunches per set and try to do at least 2 to 3 sets per day.

As highlighted earlier, the road to weight loss is a bumpy one. One day you feel motivated and perky, however, there will be days when you just want to curl into a ball and not try at all. It is important to push through that feeling and find motivation even the tough times. Don't be daunted by the number on the scale and stay focused, and you will do just fine. Soon you will see a difference in your body, and that tangible shift will be enough to give you another surge of motivation

Weight loss depends on your body type. While some tend to lose weight as easily and changing clothes, there are others who seem to struggle hard and can't get that number to go down. Listen to your trainer and keep trying. You will soon see that you are emerging into a new person, one who is lighter, brighter and happy with the body that they have. Here’s to a new you!

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