AN AFFIRMATION is a statement someone believes as true or factual. Utilizing affirming statements becomes an empowering journey where one converts their creative thoughts into a different and more pleasing reality. Affirmations serve two primary purposes for the ambitious business owner or self-employed professional. First of all, affirmations are constant reminders to the conscious mind about the current goals. This helps the business person stay focused and on course with tasks towards their desired outcome. Second, affirmations serve as internal commands for the subconscious mind. Those alternative instructions interrupt and gradually replace the persistent negative thoughts and beliefs with more favorable ones.

Now, whether you are aware of it or not, you are regularly using affirming statements. They are most likely the ones that will not support your business. For instance, one may have carelessly blurted out “There is barely enough money at the end of the month.” “My clients (or customers) are such a pain in the neck!” or “I will never make it over that one million dollar mark.” Sound somewhat familiar?

Thankfully, there are some productive ways to alter your mindset and utilize affirmations more consciously to boost prosperity in your business.


TIP #1. Have definite business goals. This is the first crucial step for success. Ask yourself what you genuinely want for your business and why. How would you feel if you achieved those goals right now? Write them out on paper unfiltered.

TIP #2. Commit to your business goals by turning them into concise affirmations. Decide now.

TIP #3. A few quick pointers on writing your business goal statements:

•Start your affirmations with the words “I am” or “I have” in the present tense.
•State the affirmations in the positive. Avoid negative phrases like “I don’t want this” or “I can’t have this.” Also, eliminate the phrase “I want” from your list.
•Write out your affirmations in short brief sentences.
•Be specific as possible in your statements.
•Live in the end. Describe your goals as if it has already happened.

Example: “I am depositing my weekly profits of [specific amount of money]¬ _______________ into my checking account this week.”

TIP #4. Make affirmations (and goals) for yourself, not others. By default, your prosperity will take care of others financially.

Example: “My business is financially successful and profitable, and I am able to support my family lavishly.”

TIP #5. Get out of your comfort zone. Dream BIG. Double or triple your original financial goals.

Example: “I tripled my business profits this year.”

TIP #6. Ask for your desired goals now. Expect it now. Have due dates when applicable.

Example: “I am now enjoying my [specific amount of money] ____________________ in profit this week.”

TIP #7. Believe new business opportunities are available for you. Step out of scarcity mode and tap into infinite possibilities.

Example: “All doors to more business opportunities are wide open for me now.”

TIP #8. Always give thanks. Gratitude builds faith in the invisible. Use gratitude phrases in your affirmations.
Example: “I am so grateful that I tripled my profits this year.”

TIP #9. Surrender in trust. Have trust in a power greater than yourself.

Example: “I surrender my business goals to Spirit in trust. And it is done. Thank you.”

TIP #10. Incorporate into your affirmations descriptive emotional words. Fully experience the feelings while saying the affirming statements.

Example: “I feel so happy and grateful that I am depositing my weekly profits of [specific amount of money]¬ _______________ into my checking account now.”

BONUS TIP - The best time to say your affirmations is before bedtime and first thing in the morning when you get up. Those periods of the day are optimal because your body and conscious mind are most relaxed. Calm and relaxed states allow the subconscious mind to be more receptive to new ideas and thoughts without too much interference.

As a final note, take 5 to 10 minutes every day to repeat your affirmations preferably out loud with heartfelt emotions. And conclude each session with feelings of immense gratitude.

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