When planning to construct any building, the most important factor to consider is always the location. Where you plan to construct can affect every aspect of a building and make or break its future success, whether in physical integrity, property value or revenue.

But within the location are several other important details that will also affect construction greatly. To make sure you take all of these factors into account and select the right location for your construction site, here is a list of the critical things to consider in your selection process:

1. Topography. The topography of a piece of land involves its various surface features- the elevations and the low points. Various topographies of an area serve different purposes. Higher ground for example, is best for buildings requiring expansive views, while lower ground is more suited for utility purposes (unless they are too often disturbed by heavy water flows and water stagnation).
Topography can also greatly affect the proper and stable positioning of a building, as it can be trickier to build stable foundations on slopes than on level lands. Hence it is best to take elevation readings of an area before making it your choice for a construction site. These elevation readings will not only determine the high and low points of an area, but will also indicate the places where water flows freely and causes most erosion.

2. Soil. It is essential to inspect the quality of the soil for your possible construction site as it is common knowledge that loose or moist soil serves as a poor foundation for any building compared to compact soil and will require more work to attain stability. Likewise, rocky soils and clay soils will require specialised equipment to make them safe for construction.

3. Surrounding Areas. Depending on the purpose of your building, the surrounding areas of your construction site will have to be changed or retained. For residential and commercial buildings, the surrounding area will have to be more “user-friendly”, which means heavily-forested areas or any other areas where there are too many obstructions to sunlight such as hills, other structures, etc. will have to undergo some changes. And as the changes to the surrounding areas increase, the needed effort and expenditures will naturally increase as well. If these increase well beyond what you are willing to expend, then better eliminate that site option.

4. Accessibility. Construction areas, especially for massive construction projects, need to be accessible. Vehicles need to get in and out of the construction site with ease as various materials and utilities will be transported to and from the site constantly. Eliminate site options that may require more expense in establishing accessibility than you are willing to give.

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Frank Cicerale is the director and owner of prominent building firm Eltrax Pty Ltd. Frank Cicerale has been in the industry for over 20 years and the Eltrax name has become synonymous with professionalism and quality. Located in Victoria Frank Cicerale continues to run Eltrax and the company’s future is very bright.