Deciding on pricing for your products or service packages depends on several things. : Here are my top three strategies for selecting the right prices for your business.

1. Where does the product fit in your marketing funnel? :
To attract more clients into your marketing funnel, you need a variety of prices for them to choose from to help them get past the barrier to entry. Start with your Irresistible Free Offer (IFO) and then have higher priced items, maybe $597 or more. But, you’ll also need items in between to give people a first purchase stepping stone.

I was working recently with a Multiplier Track student on her marketing funnel. : We noticed her offerings went directly from free to $497, with nothing in between. She needed something at the $97 mark or even $297. So, we created something that would be of value, but not break the bank for people just starting out. This allows clients to sample her work at a lower price point.

When pricing a new product or service, ask yourself, “Where does this fit within my marketing funnel line up?” : and look for any gaps you may have in pricing.

2. Product titles impact the perceived value. :
Be aware that what you name your product or service package affects the perceived value. For example, if you call something an “eBook”, you can sell it for up to $47, maybe a bit more. But, if you call it a manual or home study kit, you can potentially sell it for thousands of dollars.

The perceived value of a system or home study course is significantly higher than a simple eBook, even if the information is similar. : To attract more clients, it helps to package the home study kit with several pieces to provide greater value, like CDs or DVDs, transcripts, study guide, worksheets, question and answer calls, private Facebook groups, etc.

3. The Psychology of Choosing the Specific Price. :
Round numbers are rarely used when it comes to pricing your product or service package. People automatically tend to round up, but psychologically, it’s been found that lower ending numbers sell. So you will sell a lot more packages at $497 then you will at $500 – that’s just the way it is.

In the past, things were $9.99 and this is still true at retail. : But for services and information products, the trend has shifted over the years. There was a move to $9.95 and now to $9.97. When I was coaching individually, my programs were priced at $9,700 for the year, with smaller packages at $6,700 and $4700. The seven tends to interrupt the rounding process more than using a number ending in five or nine. I have also seen a trend with information products ending in seven and services ending in five to attract more clients.

Your Assignment:
Take a look at your marketing funnel this week. Do you provide a variety of pricing levels, making it easy for people to get started? Do you offer higher levels for clients who are more serious or want to continue working with you? The key to attract more clients and keep them is to make it easy for prospects to get started working with you.

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