Sometimes costs can deter you from taking major home remodelling decisions. Like for instance, the other day you had to back off from your dream bathroom facelift project owing to the price quotes you received from the contractor. So that the next plan is pulled off well within your set budget we have come up with interesting ideas to cut back on costs and believe it or not, the results are going to be truly overwhelming. 

When it comes to a bathroom remodelling project there is a tendency among us to keep the costs as low as possible. We understand bathrooms are precious and giving them a facelift isn’t too easy either. Apart from the new fittings, fixtures which are usually costly, we have to pay for other primary aspects like labour and architecture, which add to the pricings. Here are quick tips for budget bathroom renovations in Sydney. Have a look: 

  • For stone countertop additions look for remnants from previous remodelling projects and use them to create a fantastic countertop, instead of selecting from an entire slab. If you want you can get in touch with warehouses which accommodate leftover pieces sold at discounted rates. 
  • If the ceiling of the shower is more than 8 feet, you can choose to keep it normal instead of adding tiles. Painting will work fine for the space if there is proper ventilation. Make sure you get the walls coated with a premium grade water and mould resistant paint. 
  • Based on the current condition of the existing floor tiles, sometimes you can simply get a new layer of tiles added over the existing ones so that you can save money on removing the previous layer and getting it disposed of. 
  • For a less expensive bathroom renovation project here is a great idea to make sure the space gets what it deserves while not weighing down your pocket. Instead of installing a glass enclosure at the shower, use curtains. 
  • Consider adding the soaking tub over an air or whirlpool tub. 
  • When looking for faucets for bathroom renovations in Miranda always have your eyes set on top lever faucets which are less expensive and consume less space than a full range faucet. 
  • To keep the costs lower opt for polished chrome since they are affordable. Other finishing like brushed nickel and rubbed bronze are upgrades which will cost higher. 
  • Colour options on sanitary ware are upgrades which are expensive. However those in whites are least expensive. 
  • Make sure you keep the configurations the same as before. All you can do is just upgrade the materials. Works like plumbing, moving of wall locations and electrical systems which are labour and cost intensive can be avoided this way. 
  • Do not dispose of the existing closets and shelves. For a budget-friendly makeover you can simply repaint them or give them a new finishing. 
  • Opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles which are cost-effective; rather than installing stone tiles which are expensive and hard to maintain. 

Follow these budget-friendly tips to give your bathroom a new and plush look. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is a bathroom renovations contractor in Miranda. In recent times the author has been sharing details related to economical bathroom renovation ideas.