Links generated from authority websites produce the biggest result on the ranking of your webpages in Google search results. You have good chances of ranking among the first top 10 in Google search result when high authority sites link to your webpages, with your keywords featured in the anchor text.

Meaning of High Authority Websites
Simply, those websites that Google trust are known as high authority websites. There are a few standards that websites should meet to be regarded as high authority websites;

  • The website should be well established and quite old
  • No trace of spam has been identified with such website in the past
  • There are several backlinks from other websites to the authority sites
  • They are part of the highly rated sites for a specific subject or topic

Steps to Generating Backlinks from Authority Sites:

First Step: Locate the high authority websites

You may argue that the PageRank displayed by Google in its toolbar is debatable; well, it remains a good pointer to authority websites – check for PageRank 7 or something higher.

Here’s how to find websites:

  • The ‘Add sites’ tool featured in IBP’s link manager is useful for this purpose
  • Take advantage of any of the search options such as “find websites linking to your competitor”.
  • Add up to 500 new websites using IBP
  • By clicking on the ‘PR’ column header featured in the list, you can sort the list by PageRank

Second Step: Generate the Links

Once you spot a high authority site, do your best to acquire a backlink from such website. Take a tour through the IBP’s link manager’s list and get in touch with your chosen authority sites’ webmasters. Provided that your website is good and features quality content, the high authority sites are most likely to link to you.

Alternative Plan: Your next line of action if the authority sites refuse to link to your webpage.

In many cases, authority sites link to several other webpages. However, a webmaster of an authority site may decide not to link to you for certain reasons. If this happens, you will not lose out from the link benefit of such a site completely. What you should do is to get in touch with those websites that the authority sites have linked to, so that those websites (linked to by high authority sites) would link to your own site. This is what is known as second-tier links. Although the second-tier links would not have exact effect as the high authority sites, they are beneficial and are more valuable compared to most links you can acquire over the web.

Tips on getting in touch with second-tier links easily and quickly;

  • Locate a page on the authority sites which is linked to external sites (one or more).
  • Follow this process to import the link page of the first-rate page featured on link builder providers websites. This process would achieve link importation and generate more info on each featured site.
  • You can contact the websites using such link providers in-built web browser and in-built email client.

When it comes to achieving high ranking in Google, links from high authority webpages are quite valuable.

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