Towards the tail end of 2010, there was massive media coverage on Facebook Likes – a signal that Facebook Likes would spread like wildfire in 2011. We are now in 2011 and quite rightly are witnessing a massive awareness and clamor about Facebook Likes. By all indications, Facebook ‘Likes’ has come to stay.

Facebook Like is just a score that friends or people can view and share - for the purpose of achieving viral marketing of a particular service or product. Businesses are getting increasingly aware of “Likes” and how powerful they are in building an online business.

Presently, Facebook Likes have become officially more important to Google and other search engines’ search result pages and rankings. Also, there are whisperings that “likes” are beginning to measure up as a form of backlink.

Every online business would be concerned on how to increase their business Facebook Likes this year. Facebook is the social media platform with the largest number of active and passive users. Building a reputation on Facebook means a whole lot to any online business.

Here are top tips on how to increase your Facebook Likes:

  1. Send request to people via email and ask them to like your Facebook page. This is a basic but effective technique. Of course, most of your friends and family members would love to like your page. These people may not all be your target audience, but this can help to enhance the legitimacy of the whole thing.
  2. Incorporate your Facebook URL anywhere possible – on your site and blog. Include a URL or an icon to your email signatures and business cards. Also, include links from other social media or business platforms such as LinkedIn. A link to any of your present or past presentations would be a great idea as well.
  3. Embark on cross-promotion of your Facebook Page on your other social media accounts – Twitter, LinkedIn and even your personal Facebook Page.
  4. Integrate a Facebook Like box on your blog, so that those that already “like” your page will be visible to others.
  5. Consider putting up a Q & A on your Facebook wall. Ensure that the answers are from experts on each given question. If such expert is popular, a lot of people are likely to come to your page as a result. Even the Q & A on its own is powerful enough to draw people to your social media page.

Indeed, Facebook Like has come to stay and would give your business a leap when you generate quality ‘likes’.

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