When homeowners decide to redesign kitchens in Melbourne, they can make a number of mistakes if the project has not been planned out correctly. There is nothing worse then paying a whole lot of money only to find that your kitchen is now unsuitable for your needs and is even less functional then it was before you started. Use these tips to prevent making mistakes in redesigning your kitchen in Melbourne:

  1. Layout
    These days, kitchens in Melbourne are more at the heart of the home rather than the area hidden out the back, especially with the popularity of open plan living on the rise. Even though the space has begun to become an area for gathering, this does not mean that you should neglect the ever-important work triangle – the sink, stove and refrigerator should be no more than 6 feet apart in an easy-to-access triangle.
  2. Materials
    The cabinets and benches of kitchens in Melbourne help you to set the tone of the space, adding to the attractiveness of the room in a way that other features cannot. When choosing the materials for these fixtures, you should always consider the colour and the style. Timber is one of the most common choices for cabinets, and popular types include alder, poplar, cherry and maple.
  3. Paint or Stain
    When it comes to treating the various timber areas of kitchens in Melbourne, you will need to decide whether you want to paint them or stain them to enhance their attractiveness. Stain is available in a wide range of colours, is easier to touch up and is less expensive, whilst paint is also available in plenty of colours, but has more steps to finish and is difficult to touch up.
  4. Colours
    Choosing appropriate colours for kitchens in Melbourne is a task in itself – you want to ensure that the room fits in with the theme you have in mind and that it relaxes and stimulates you at the same time. Colours such as red, orange and yellow actually increase your appetite and they should be contrasted with colours such as green, blue and violet that relax you.
  5. Lighting
    There is no point in having an attractive kitchen in Melbourne if you cannot see it properly. Natural lighting is always the best option (so opt for big, open windows), but you will need additional lighting for night or if you’re kitchen doesn’t have adequate natural illumination. Pendants and recessed fixtures are great for task lighting, whilst under mount lights are great for ambience.

When you are next completing a renovation or redesign of your kitchen in Melbourne, follow the above tips to ensure that your space is the most attractive and functional one in your house. Save yourself some headaches by ensuring you don’t waste money or time on dysfunctional elements.

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