Taking the first step toward a leadership role can be challenging despite being ready for new responsibilities. It can be overwhelming to shift focus from the quality of one's work to the output of a team of subordinates.

Excellent managers have a few common characteristics as top-notch leaders. They have to be adept at strategic leadership, and some of these skills can be learnt from the graduate diploma of strategic leadership.

Good Features

Following are some features of good managers:

  • They are collaborative

Creating an atmosphere of collaboration where all are valued, respected and heard is vital for new managers.

  • They are growth-oriented

Great managers must focus on helping team members progress, both collectively and individually.

  • They know how to communicate

Clear communication is a critical quality of great manager leaders.

  • They know how to motivate

Managers know how to motivate team members to deliver the best using rewards and positive reinforcement. One can learn how to do this by attending a graduate diploma of strategic leadership.

Bad Features

Following are some lousy leadership habits that all managers must avoid:

  • Providing only negative feedback

A bad habit of managers is to provide feedback only during performance appraisals or when problems arise.

  • Micro-managing staff

 Good managers don't always try to control subordinates. They know to delegate tasks and give credit where it is due.

  • Being closed to feedback

Good managers will open the workplace to solicit questions and concerns of team members.

  • Not setting clear goals

Poor managers are unclear about the goals of teams and often set prospective objectives which are too low or high.


Leadership Tips for Managers

A good manager needs to be a good leader. Following are some tips to improve the leadership skills of managers as gleaned from the diploma of leadership and management online.

  • Thirst to learn

Good managers are not rigid but are always open to learning. Be willing to adapt, stay abreast of technical changes, and learn from one's team.

  • Communicate plans in a transparent fashion

Great managers always keep their team members informed of project priorities, goals, and crucial deadlines. Lack of proper communication can raise levels of anxiety and distrust.

  • Set good examples

The manager must demand the same dedication and professionalism he expects from others in the team. In a thriving workplace, there is positive energy and openness to ideas.

  • Promote feedback from the team

 A good leader- manager takes active care to be approachable. He must encourage team members to discuss ideas and provide feedback openly.

  • Build confidence through rewards

Through public recognition of the efforts and accomplishments of the team, one will not only build their confidence but also promote future efforts and contributions. Giving praise can be a daily ritual when it is due.

  • Be decisive

Leaders who make decisions at the right time will enjoy more powerful trust with their team members. A leader of good quality must make firm decisions and stick by these. Team members will not respect leaders who change their choices whimsically.

  • Establish the big picture

The team might be working at the front lines and may not be able to understand one's goals as a manager. So, it is up to the manager to remind them of the big picture and provide feedback on how they are performing per the project's significant goals.

  • Create an atmosphere of learning & development

Managers can enjoy 80% more superior productivity when they invest in training their team. One's opportunity to succeed as a manager is determined by the atmosphere one creates for the team. One must encourage the team to adopt new methods to accomplish their goals as individuals and team members.


In sum, management and leadership are closely related. Managers are more driven when they function as leaders, and leaders are influential when they manage their teams properly. The focus of the diploma of leadership and management online is to equip managers to be great leaders.

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