If rising fuel costs are raising concerns and there is a probability that your vehicle is consuming oodles of gas, you might as well think of opting for a hybrid model which will help you cut back on gasoline expenses while ensuring that you are not hurting the environment around. Now, you must be wondering why we are saying this. 

Why does fuel efficiency matter? 

One of the main features which make a car popular among prospective buyers is its fuel efficiency. We always look for vehicles which give maximum mileage. In this context we would like to reveal a fact. When a car is less taken care of or is poorly maintained there is a likelihood that the vehicle will consume almost 30% more fuel. Can you beat that? A good driving school in Sunbury will be the first to teach you on how you can make your car fuel efficient. This apart, we are here to help you with tips as mentioned in the following lines: 

  • Every month you must check the tyre pressure of your car. You will be surprised to learn that under-inflated tyres are to be blamed for maximum consumption of fuel. Did you know when the tyres become 8 pounds less inflated, their rolling resistance increases at least by 5%? 
  • When at the pump station it is important that you allow the hose to stay in the tank till it absolutely shuts off. Also, make sure you have poured in every last drop of the fuel. Surprisingly around 1/4th of a cup of gasoline is left behind in the hose.
  • Did the driving school in Bundoora tell you about cruise control and how you can use it to your own benefit? Well! Mostly cruise control can save up to around 6% of fuel consumption while you are on a highway. 
  • When the battery cables become corroded they naturally prompt the alternator to almost struggle urging more usage of gas. Have the battery cables checked, every once in a while to avoid occurrences such as these. 
  • Never allow your car to stay idle for over a minute as it will quickly cause consumption of gas. Almost half a gallon of gas gets consumed in one hour of idling. The driving instructor from the driving school in Craigieburn must have already told you about this. 
  • You must always get the air filter checked every now and then to ensure they are in good condition. You should get them changed if required. 
  • Have you checked the engine of your car lately? If it’s been a while since you got it checked, quickly get its efficiency evaluated. With the help of computer based fuel injection it is possible to tune up the engine without hassle. 
  • Do you have an 80’s car? Well! There is a likelihood that the exhaust system already has an oxygen sensor which should be replaced as it causes cutting back on fuel efficiency. 
  • You can cut back on fuel costs when you drive the vehicle in its highest gear without taxing its fuel tank. 

Consider the tips if you want to utilise every drop of fuel in a responsible manner. 

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The author runs a driving school in Sunbury. In recent times the author has been sharing details related to cars and driving skills.