A good number of people face this challenge with their online business marketing. Getting established online, appears really hard with the surging rate of competing websites. The value and essence of a website gets defeated when it cannot help you get customers. You need to establish your online presence and drive traffic (prospective customers) to your website.

However, you don’t need to worry about this challenge; Google’s webmaster channel is very valuable when it comes to making your website successful.

Quick tips on making your website more visible:

  • Ensure that your topic will enhance your ranking on Google search results or other search engines’ result pages.
  • Also, you can have your website listed as a resource in relevant as well as authority sites. This is one of the great ways to generate quality traffic. This can even be more effective than search engines sometimes, depending on the quality of websites you get listed on.
  • Also, the nature and structure of the following will help in determining whether or not your website would be found online:

    • The title featured in each page’s header
    • The texts in each web page
    • How you use descriptive words in your Meta Tags at your webpages’ header sections.
    • The text featured in the initial paragraph of your page
    • The relevance of the featured texts in relation to the keywords contained in your meta tags.
    • Links that include keywords
    • The quality of the external links to your site

    The design of your website plays a massive role on your online visibility. By design, we are not referring to the graphics and other decorative features, but the features outlined above, among other factors.

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