Local businesses understand better what it means to engage with the community. They tend to be good citizens and neighbors to inspire, serve, and sustain communities & traditions based on small & local businesses.
As we explore the topic of how individuals can open and operate local businesses in unforeseen circumstances, it would be wise to take care of yourself and the community as a small business owner.
In this article, you will find tips & benefits of using digital communication & collaboration technology to operate and grow and your business.
Leverage your remote workforce
The extensive use of mobile, cloud, high-performance networks has moved past the barriers of traditional office work. As remote working quickly transforms traditional offices into spaces with no boundaries, flexible work schedules have become the new standard wherein working personnel can split their time moving between their office, home, or on-the-fly.
Video conferencing solutions enable SMB’s to expand their talent search to new markets and regions and get the best talent on board. Virtual meeting software like iFMeets uses the power of iFCloud to boost talent acquisition through remote interviews. Remote workers can contribute their skills and time from virtually any location, provided they have online video conference platforms or technology to stay-in-touch with distributed teams or office-based staff.
Operating and growing your business needs the power of continuous communication & collaboration with video conferencing software that provides HD audio & video, real-time screen sharing, meetings based on agendas, whiteboard-based engagement, , presentation uploads, etc. These platforms help a distributed workforce connect and work together on multiple projects, anytime, and anywhere.
iFMeets lets users record video conferences to share with the team, or personnel who cannot attend a meeting, or want to peruse the material covered during the meeting or presentation. Leveraging a video conferencing tool helps streamline business operations for a remote workforce. With every employee on the same page, it becomes easy to make quick and informed decisions based on business data and ideas shared by various participants in the meeting. Time and cost savings are key parameters that show significant positives when it comes to adopting online conference software.
Keep your employees in the loop with webinars.
Webinars are a crucial aspect of keeping a distributed or remote workforce in the loop and stay efficient. Use iFMeets to train your remote workforce by walking them through new training programs, material onboarding, review company guidelines, new product launches, etc. Growing a business becomes easier if every remote participant is on the same page for day-to-day operations, and has the right set of tools to facilitate communication & collaboration at scale.
iFLearn, a webinar software lets users conduct webinars to keep them engaged in business ideation, operation, and growth. It uses a powerful LMS that supports live video conferencing and webinars to transform your audience into an interactive community where learning and sharing insights can be a part of the complete business growth process.
Transform your business into the cloud.
The cloud has been one of the most disruptive technologies ever in the business community, and today it has transformed into a status quo. With hands-off management for any virtual business or processes, it shows exceptional scalability, and the ability to expand functionally with the needs of the organization. There are a plethora of ways businesses can leverage cloud storage to operate and grow their business based on a digital platform. The sheer wealth of cloud-based solutions and services, combined with high performance, security, reliability, and scalability help augment core business processes or workflows.
iFCloud enables businesses with the power of cloud storage to store, access, manage, and share data with various team participants. With better security at every functional level, users can manage their data with features like file versioning, multiple views multiple file-formats, browser-based model viewing, work sharing, large file transfer bandwidth, quick archiving and backup, etc.
Enhanced Business Opportunities with reduced travel.
Travelling can be a major concern for various employees. Virtual meeting tools shrink distances to a single point of reference where reduced travel can foster better efficiency, build new relationships and opportunities. Eliminating time zone complexities through streaming & recording helps project participants archive and retrieve crucial information. With modern recording capabilities, businesses can operate for greater working hours allowing support teams to handle customers regardless of their location or time. Businesses can operate and grow on a global scale with improved communications management.
iFMeets enables virtual teams from various time zones to record and share virtual meetings or presentations for future review. It facilitates better training and documentation and helps meeting participants go over specific discussion points after the meeting, or business owners or managers can use the same video content to train new employees.
Manage social distancing with remote communication and collaboration.
Social distancing to flatten the curve has been the most crucial aspect of these unforeseen circumstances. Businesses like retail, groceries, restaurants, cafés, etc. can leverage online video conference to set a “no-contact” business strategy that promotes businesses to do more, at a safe distance. For example, people who wish to order food from restaurants can use video conferencing solutions to check the menu, place orders, and collect it without any physical contact based on a simple QR code that helps create a quick “virtual food ordering platform”, between the restaurant owner or manager, and the customers.
iFMeets helps restaurants, grocery stores, etc. build a safe “no contact” strategy for owners and customers to continue their social & economic relations in a safe and controlled setup.

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For now, businesses will have to make virtual connections, but the end goal would be to come out of this crisis, and make businesses and living sustainable for all. The most important part of your brand or service is to be there, no matter what, for your customers and community.