If you’re looking to sell your property and fast, House Buy Fasts top selling tips will help you sell your home in the quickest time, while also getting the most cash for your property!

Make Sure Your Garden Is Looking Its Best

A few tricks that’ll ensure you get a quick house sale;

  • Cut the grass – Overgrown and messy grass can make a garden look very unsightly. This job is very easy and a quick trim can have your garden looking attractive to potential buyers once again.
  • Remove any built up rubbish – It’s not uncommon in the UK for homeowners to have their bins and recycling in their garden. Move these to an alleyway or garage to keep them out of sight.
  • People like privacy – An overlooked garden can be a real deal breaker to potential buyers, put up a fence or grow some hedges.

First Impressions Are Important

Kerb appeal is a term many of us should be aware of when selling our property. People often make a decision if they’re interested or not just from how the property looks like from the outside.

  • Clean your windows – If your windows are filthy, you’re already giving off the wrong impression and gives potential buyers the wrong idea of what to expect. Clean these windows and not only will it look better from the outside, it’ll also look better on in the inside.
  • Trim back any overhanging trees or overgrown bushes – These can look very messy from the outside but they can also block important light coming into the property.
  • Make sure you’re house number is shining – You want people to be able to navigate to the property without issue, this is your number one priority.

Give Your Décor a Makeover

How the property is decorated is key to causing a potential buyer to either love it or hate it.

  • Bright colours can be a turn off – Most buyers will be really put off by bright colours in a property, they can also give the impression that the room is smaller than it really is. If you really want to add bright colours into your home, do it with accessories such as cushions or flowers.
  • Repaint the walls – Just living in your property means that inevitable walls will start to degrade, along with doors and skirting boards. Touch up these spots to give the room a brand new feeling!
  • Replace worn carpets – Once again, just day to day living will leave your carpets looking worse for wear. Replace these problems areas to give your flooring a new lease of life!

With these tips you can ensure yourself a degree of success when showing new potential home owners around your property.  Give them a try!

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