A good teacher is the key to a society that is progressive, that moves forward in every direction holding its moral values. It’s so important to maintain a transparent, fair selection process while recruiting teachers because these are the people who are going to shape the future of our society, the future of the generations to come. Speaking of a fair selection process, there are quite a few in uses in India at the moment i.e. Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) and Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET). There are more such eligibility tests those are being conducted on a state level i.e. Andhra Pradesh Teacher’s Eligibility Test (APTET).

The CTET is conducted on a national basis by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Last year, as many as 7, 90,000 candidates had registered for CTET. Out of which, only 14% managed to qualify in the written test. These statistics are staggering to say the least. It just emphasizes the fact that the TET exam is tough. So one needs to prepare really well before appearing with thorough knowledge on his or her field of interest. Most of TET exams are conducted on basis of objective type multiple choice questions (MCQ’s). So candidates appearing for these exams need to have quick decision making capabilities combined with efficient time management skills. While choosing the options, first carefully eliminate the wrong ones and then concentrate on the probable ones. Careful filtering of the information is really important both at the time of preparation as well as while appearing in the exam. As far as APTET is concerned, it also maintains some strict guidelines while selecting the candidates. Lakhs and lakhs of candidates appear for the APTET every year but only a few of them can get to the finish line. Here also, the questions are based more or less from an objective point of view. So the tips are the same. Be thorough in your field of study. Solve previous year papers. By doing this, you can acquire efficient time management skills and will possess quick decision making capability. These two aspects will come handy while appearing in these exams.

The Teacher Eligibility Test, APTET these exams eventually determine who are the people to teach and guide our generation next towards a bright future. This is a huge responsibility and obviously the selection process is tough. Prepare wholeheartedly and you will succeed.

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